G5 old transmitter

I am new to Dexcom and I changed my transmitter for the first time today after 101 days. What do I do with the old transmitter? Throw it out?

Dexcom intends for you to throw it out. Some Dexcom CGM users have replaced the batteries in the CGM transmitters and are able to re-use them. Some people online will replace the batteries in your “used-up” transmitter for a fee, I think around $50 USD.

Other people use an Apple app called Spike or an Android app called xDrip to extend the CGM transmitter beyond the Dexcom hard-wired 90-112 day artificial limit. Dexcom justifies this due to accuracy concerns but many users report accurate Dexcom CGM numbers well beyond Dexcom’s 90-112 day transmitter limit.


I would not throw out the transmitter! I use mine to protect (keep water tight) a G5 that I “soak” alongside my current sensor.

I install a new sensor a day before I plan to remove the current sensor.

After having the sensor in for about 24 hours, I do “stop sensor” on the current sensor.

Set the active xmitter aside.

Remove the old xmitter from the new sensor, and immediately install the active xmitter and do “Start Sensor”.

That way I avoid the “first day” blues. Readings will right on after the 2 hour warm-up.

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