G5 Transmiiters

So I received an alert that the transmitter would require replacement. It went south last night.

Can I reorder now? It’s the second of my original order.

Thanks all!

How many days on the Dexcom G5 Transmitter since it first used (Activated)?

What exactly was the alert you received?

If the Transmitter failed in less than 90 days of operation, you likely can get it replaced under warranty from Dexcom. Dex Tech Support is 24x7x365.

EDIT: On your receiver, the “Activated” date is available under the “Settings” menu. In case you don’t remember the exact date off the top of your head. (I never would recall that.)

EDIT2: (lol) If you call Dex Tech Support, it is faster if you have the box for this particular G5 Transmitter in front of you as they will ask for information on the label of the box.


I did call tech support. The activation date in in the receiver. The alert was low battery, order new transmitter.

But my real question was if I can order two more now or do I have to wait until closer to the end date of the transmitter I installed yesterday?

I think it will depend upon when your last order was placed and what your insurance will allow. We are usually able to coordinate timing to allow us to order our next two transmitters when we install our second from the last batch.

If the transmitter is not defective then it is normal for a warning to be issued 22 days before the end of life for the G5 Transmitter. This is to give you a heads up that it is time to reorder. This is normal. As mentioned, it then comes down to your insurance.

What I do, when I place a Transmitter order is while still on the phone, ask them what is the next date that my insurance will allow a reorder of the Transmitter. As we get two G5 Transmitters at a time, I expect this date to be ABOUT six months in the future. However, the customer service rep can give me the EXACT date on which the insurance will allow the reorder. I then flip six months forward on my calendar and mark REORDER DEXCOM on the date provided by customer service. Makes it easy. If it is not easy then realistically I would forget.

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Thanks. How close is that reorder time to the expiration of the transmitter?

I think Tim answered your question. You’ll be alerted 22 days before the transmitter dies. You need to find out from your insurance company when they will allow you to reorder. Otherwise, if you reorder without checking, then you won’t know if it’ll be covered by your insurance company.

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In general, there’s a 6 month warranty. It ought to be covered by insurance if > 6 mo old.