G6 adhesive not as good as before?

My First several boxes of G6 sensors had great adhesive and while the edges would’ve pulled up a little by the last days it was purely a precaution if I put on an overpatch.

But my latest two boxes, wow, by the second day the edges are all detached up to the plastic holder, and the sensor is barely hanging on.

Anyone else have this experience with recent batches?

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mine seem to be fine - last one lot 5261993 exp date 2020-09-02

Hm. No complaints here, but we’ll keep an eye out.

Absolutely. I’ve had them fall off the 1st day without overpatch. Its not uncommon for me to loose them in the 1st week, even with the overpatch. But, it seems to kinda vary. Current sensor has lasted 12 days with no overpatch. It not functioning, but I am still wearing it.


That’s less useful than a stopped clock!

You’re wearing it because, why?

Does anybody really know what time it is?

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Great music for causing mayhem! Just what I needed this morning.
I’ll change it today. I’m on diabetes strike for 24 hours.

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Try the overpatches. We use them on the G5. They are FREE for the asking, from tech support.

No issues or changes for me.

My last one fell off in the shower on day 9. This has happened a few times since I switched to G6 about 5 months ago. G5 never fell off. I do have overpatches but I try to get away without using them!

My G4 would last a month on its own before there was adhesive failures.

My wife called dexcom for overpatches 25 days ago. They still haven’t shipped. I called dexcom support yesterday to get them for myself and to see why she hadn’t gotten hers. the crazy thing is a couple hours later I got a shipment notice from Fedex and Dexcom that mine are on the way. Her overpatches haven’t yet shipped! I sometimes get double monthly orders while others can’t seem to get theirs without many frustrating calls. Very strange how Dexcom treats different customers.

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Maybe my trouble was one particular box of sensors with Oct 2020 expiration. I now have a newer box (Nov 2020 expiration) and the adhesive is working well again without needing an overpatch.

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