G6 case

Started using G6 today and need to order a case for the monitor. Any suggestions?

Haven’t used the monitor in about a year. Have you considered using your phone instead?

They sent me two with my initial shipment. These look similar…

I used the ones in the box. Took me an hour to get the darn thing tugged on enough to fit. I cant use my phone for several reasons, so this is working ok.

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I do not have a smart phone. Also, Medicare rules call for use of the Dexcom receiver.

Did you get a case with the receiver from Dexcom? I did not.

I got two. I could send you the extra if you IM me your mailing address. It isn’t that great, like Laura_S says. But, its free.


Literally warmed the thing in my microwave oven to get it to stretch! Really I did!

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Thats a really good idea!


Are you using G6 new receiver, or did you upgrade a G5 receiver?
New G6 receiver should have included case in box.
If upgraded G5, should have original case from G5 purchase.

Are you talking about the Medicare policy that was in effect before June 2018? After June 2018 Medicare allows use with approved Smartphone apps. If you have any document that has rescinded this, please share.

Here is medicare documentation.

“In order to qualify for Medicare coverage of your Dexcom G6 supplies, Medicare requires that you have a receiver that is compatible with Dexcom G6 and that you use that receiver with your supplies, even if you also use a compatible smart device. Medicare does not cover Dexcom G6 supplies that are only used with a smartphone or other mobile device.”

I think a G5 receiver can be upgraded to G6, thus being “compatible”. Your “usage” is up to you, as long as receiver is available.

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Thank you - Very helpful as I was just upgraded to the G6 and I had not reviewed the medicare requirements in past few months. For those who are looking for the latest medicare requirements:

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Yea, thanks for that clarification., @MM1. I was under the same assumptions as CJ.

I suggest a holster that has a Velcro flip lid. Then when you get a Tandem pump, you can use it for your pump (the pump & G6 receiver cannot be used concurrently).

I recommend using both a smartphone and a receiver (or better yet, Tandem pump). The receiver will have more reliable communication, but the phone will provide more info (and can be integrated with a smartwatch).

If your phone is Android and not approved for use with the Dex G6 app, be advised that the app will in fact work with any newer phone – it’s just that it has not been officially tested with most phone models and will exit if the phone model is not recognized. Search Google for copies of the G6 app that have the ‘abort if not approved’ code disabled. Or better yet, search for xdrip+ and use that app.

I use tbr case mine came with and don’t care for it. I’ve been looking for options and I haven’t bought it yet but my number 1 choice to buy is the SPI belt … guess there are various types but they have specific to pump ones. They are on amazon as well as the website and have them for kids, adults and have extender belt for plus size

It’s the only thing that looks viable for me anyway