Can only get a black G5 receiver thru Medicare, so

I can’t find any suitable skins to of a solid color such as medium blue or bold red. I called Dexcom–they mentioned, Amazon. Not much selection of solid colors on Etsy. Can’t find anything on Amazon.

These are the only cases that I have ever liked for daily use for my Dex receiver. They provide enough traction so that your receiver doesn’t fall out of your pocket, but they don’t add bulk. I have wondered how much protection they give, but I’ve dropped receivers on tile floors and had them survive.

When I hike I use a case from Tallygear that attaches to my belt with a carabiner clip or a lanyard.

When I am in water situations, I keep the receiver in a dry pack.

Is it silly to put a skin on it, since it’s going to end up being in a case? My wife has been researching tallygear, but I forgot what brand/model case she’s currently got on her short list.

Do you just mean a design on top for decoration? Pump Peelz has 12 pages of Dex receiver vinyl adhesive designs. Not sure that you’d find a solid color but there are some that are nice–

pretty wild colors, like from I suspect our G5’s will be in some sort of cases most of the time, so I suppose receiver color doesn’t really matter.

When I used my dexi, I went Lego case by Talygear and a Lego sticker from Pump Pleeze, oh yeah I like matching. LOL

Mine is pink But it’s in the dexcom case most of the time. I can’t be bothered with skins. I tried them in my pens and they just came off.

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You need to go with what makes you happy. I look at my CGM info a million times a day and if a red or blue design on top gives you joy, then go for it! One can never have too many minutes of joy with diabetes… :grinning:


If you want colorful cases, Rockadex in Australia has silicone ones, though there’s no covering on the front. Lots of bold colors (though I chose black).

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I used the Silicone bumper case from Tallygear several years ago and it was bulky and difficult to put in and out of pockets. I really want a hardshell case similar to my phone case and the Brixometer case that I gave the link to above is the closest I’ve found. But each of us has different wants and needs and it is always good to hear what works for the rest of you.

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This has nothing to do with Medicare. The G5 receiver is only available in black, no matter what insurance you have. My guess would be that because the G5 is centered around smartphone usage, Dexcom didn’t think it would be a wise financial decision to offer the receiver in different colors, like they did with the G4. With the advent of smartphone usage as the receiver, most of their patients will be using their smartphone and ditch the receiver. Having a bunch of different color receivers laying around on their shelves is not what Dexcom wants.

“You can have any color, as long as it’s black”

Henry Ford- 1909


I’ve got a silicone sleeve coming from Tallygear, currently am using a swivel-clip iPod case, and plan on probably getting either another swivel clip case. I also have spibelts to choose from, since my wife has about 3 of them.

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I didn’t know that the G5 receiver only comes in black because I have never purchased a G5 receiver. I do have two G4 Share receivers that I did the software update to G5, and one is blue and the other pink.

Tech support told me that Medicare is only shipping black.

I was just on the Dexcom site and only saw photos of black receivers with the G5 system, at the same time, I happened to click on the link about certain receivers not alerting audibly, and it listed three G5 receivers–black, blue, and pink. But Medicare is definitely only offering black.

I don’t have a clue, Tim, and don’t really care very much to tell the truth. This is a screenshot of part of the notice about non-functional audible alarms.

On a positive note, my G5 readings are always spot on so far (either exactly matching a Contour Next meter, or within about 6 points). granted, I’m only into the 18th hour, but good grief, the accuracy so far is astounding! I’ve had more accurate readings in 18 hours than I had in more than a year of Enlite use. No exaggeration.

I’m a Kaiser Permanente member, I could swear my only choice was black. I didn’t want the receiver to begin with, I was going to use my iPhone, might have missed a color choice but it doesn’t matter to me. I love my white iPhone 7, and my X2 matches the phone with my white Tandem case. Wish I would have bought more of them, now that they’re discontinued. I hate the new cases Tandem just released.

My insurance has a ‘one receiver per 999 days’ rule (UHC’s so much fun, and so self-serving!). When I needed/wanted a new BLUE receiver this year, the order was rejected. Distributor tried to put it thru for a black one – THAT WORKED. I guess I haven’t ordered any “black receivers” in 999+ days… :laughing: