G6 Placement

Hello. I recently started using the area below my waistline in the back for CGM placement, and it has been great! It is almost the same as my meter, and when it varies, it is by less than 8% (yay). In an effort to keep rotating (and since my CDE, who also has T1D is unavailable for a bit), where else is a place that gives super accurate readings (close to monitor levels)? I’ve heard of using the arm, but is that close to meter levels? Where on the arm, where I put a pod, or somewhere else?
I appreciate you taking the time to assist me with this, since my CDE is annoyingly away (but she also deserves some time off). Any help would be fantastic. FYI, I wear a G6/Omnipod, T1D 31+ years. Thanks!

@Ani, I don’t feel that my G6 has to be rotated at all. I switch it between back of left and right arm. I always place it on the side where my OmniPod is at the time so that I don’t sleep on it during the first night. I do this to avoid fake lows caused by pressure. Rotating the OmniPod is a very different story. This is extremely important and necessary.

I use my inner thigh about 4 inches below your crotch. This site has given me very good numbers.

You’re brave to use your backside. That just screams “compression low” to me. I couldn’t do there anyway, though, since my pump couldn’t talk to it at night.

I’ve been trying to use inner thighs for the last few months, and have a devil of a time keeping them attached. I’m adding more tape and glue pretty much daily. I do much better with halfway down the fronts.

I haven’t noticed any particular site doing better than others. Mine all seem consistent, unless I get a sucky sensor. I figure my abdomen has taken enough abuse and pretty much rotate between front of arms (backs are for infusion sites) and thighs.

I prefer the arm. I do rotate. I try to go top of each upper arm, bottom of each upper arm, but also front and back. This gives me a lot of "new"space that hasn’t been used for a while. The only time I’ve had to worry about compression lows for quite a while is on the inside of my arm, it ends up between my arm and body because I am a side sleeper.

But I am wearing a Libre (for swimming reads) and a Dexcom right now and the Dexcom is on my arms and the Libre is on my upper buttock area. The Libre is off the same as it’s always been. It’s consistently off for me about the same.

This is kind of a nifty video done by someone that experimented with placement of the LIbre, which should be similar.