G6 Requiring Calibration

I read the comments about G6 Calibration but they do not address my particular issue.

I have the T-slim pump and the G6 Sensor. Recently I am getting calibration requests after changing a sensor. I have had this pump for over a year and have not had to calibrate at all. Tandem cannot seem to help and neither can Dexcom. Dexcom just says it is a sensor calibration error and that the sensor needs to be replaced.

Since Tandem does not provide test strips this is a cost factor for me.

I got the T-slim and the G6 because they advertise that calibrations are not necessary. Tandem assures me that the problem is not the pump and refuses to replace it.

When I change my sensor I set it up on my iPhone. the information is not transferring to my pump. I have now been told to start it on the iPhone and when the warm up is over and I begin to get readings to set it up on the pump. I have done that.

Today I changed my sensor and set it up on the iPhone but when the warm up was over it asked for two calibrations. This is not supposed to happen.

Unless there is some new data that I am unaware of I should not need to calibrate. Please enlighten me.

Thank you,
A very frustrated user.

Are you entering the code correctly on the bottom of the sensor?
I mis-enter mine all the time when I’m distracted.

Yes, I enter the numbers correctly.

Are you actually entering the numbers, or are you using the scanner feature of the app? I’ve seen lots of people having problems with the scanning function. It doesn’t take, and acts like you started the sensor without code.

There was also an app update recently, which has sparked all sorts of problems.

Maybe try removing the app from the equation? Start all your Sessions via the pump instead of the app. I know there are mixed opinions here, but I always feel like it’s smarter to start from the approved “medical device”, rather than deal with all the inconsistencies of phone software that isn’t tied specifically to the Dexcom.

Do you know how to remove the transmitter and restart the sensor? You could try that right now, restart via the pump, and see if it solves your problem.

Yes, I am entering the numbers manually. Always do that.

No I do not know how to remove the sensor and restart. I did not think that was possible. Don’t you destroy the sensor when you remove it.

Yes, you are right, the sensor is destroyed if removed. That is why she wrote “remove the transmitter”, not the sensor

You can restart sensors. Google and watch a video on YouTube. It basically works because you stop the sensor and take off just the transmitter (using guitar pick helps). Wait 30 minutes then attach the transmitter and re enter the start up numbers of the original sensor. YouTube has several videos to walk through it

I use my pump to initiate my sensors. I don’t have the issu that you have.
When starting on my phone I always have to repeat it on the pump anyway.
So I just do the pump and my phone pick it up

I was able to restart my sensor. I started it in my phone and it reset my pump start too. Working fine right now. No calibration request.

Thanks guys.

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