How to restart G6 transmitter?

Is there a way to restart the G6 transmitter? I have read about this and it seems they have stopped you from doing that but I want know if there is something else that has been discovered now.
I am going to need to start restarting things again which I had stopped for a long time. I just restarted my first sensor for G6. I had stopped doing that with G5 etc. but I used to wear them for like 30 days and then and I was getting terrible irritation so when I got G6 I just changed it every 10 days

But now due to problems with the insurance coverage on my transmitter which I still have not resolved I am going to start reusing the sensors as well as much as possible in case I start getting harassed about that too .

I have never restarted a transmitter and that is the thing I really need to do now. I hope it is not going to be impossible or very complex.

No, it is not possible.

Ugh, I hope someone is working on this as we speak.

Only possible if you can find the old G6 80 or some 81xxxx transmitters, and someone to replace the batteries.


Just in case you need to buy a transmitter, Costco has had them for $159. You might have to be a member and belong to their discount pharmacy plan which is free.



I read costco is the cheapest, but what I read said $125, I guess it has increased. I am a member and I started the process for the online pharmacy, not completed yet. I just started one and my endo office gave me a sample transmitter and sensor too.


What are 81xxxx? I have saved practically every transmitter I used starting with G4 somewhere.
But I didn’t start on G6 until maybe two years ago I think or longer because I still had tons of G5 and I didn’t want to use it for some reason.


It’s Sam’s Club that is the cheapest, at $125, but only if you’re a Plus Member. That’s the $100/year level that comes with free shipping, free curbside pickup, and big pharmacy discounts, instead of the basic $50/year level that just lets you shop in the store.

There is another option. They have actually figured out how to reset the later transmitters, but it’s not a DIY solution anymore. It’s called the Anubis Project. They’re actually rebuilding old transmitters and giving them new perks, like up to six months of wear time before a battery change, letting a sensor session run for 60 days without restarts, reducing warmup time to one hour, etc… There’s a Facebook group called “Followers of Anubis”, where you can get more information and apply for an Anubis transmitter. I think they’re like $170, so more than Sam’s, but you’ll get a lot more use out if it. Note that it’s not unlimited use, though, just extended use. The battery change process is fairly hard on them, and you will eventually have to retire it.

As someone who paid full up cash price for the last 3 years (up until last month! Yay!), the Anubis transmitters were never worth it to me. They come at the cost of not having any Dexcom product support. Dexcom only warranties the transmitters and the sensors used with them for their original use period… Not the extended Anubis lifetime. Since the sensors cost so much more money than the transmitters, it didn’t make sense to me to sacrifice free replacement sensors.


Refers to transmitter ID code. Early 81xxxx transmitters were similar to 80s. But at some point in 81 series, they no longer could be extended.

Cool, hadn’t heard about that.


It’s is not likely anyone is going to inves the time to get around the newer g6 transmitters blocking restarts.

Dexcom is going to the g7 where the transmitter is thrown out after 14 days.

I suppose some people we want to extend those transmitters somehow. But it think that is where this is headed.

Every time we find a way to save money, the companies learn from that and plug up the hole.


I believe the CEO had announced the new sensors were still going to end up being 10 days. I think it was based on performance at the 14 day mark and getting approval. But really if you think about it, if you look at it from a monetary view selling 3 sensors a month versus two is better for their bottom line, The Dexcom of new will care about that until there is a more equivalent competitor.

They already sell them cheaper in other countries and now they are introducing DexcomOne a trimmed down version at an even cheaper price for various countries.

But if supplied as a 1 month supply per box, the monthly cost to us would be about the same. If later get approval for 14 day, cost of one month supply would be about the same but for 2 sensors.

And if more likely for them not to last 14 days, great for us if we get replacements at no cost.

@MM1 That’s an interesting thought if they could get the same price from the insurance companies for a "month"supply. But I do think they specifically mentioned something about the lasting 14 days being a factor in getting or seeking approval? Plus they would not be wanting to resupply more free replacement sensors either, that process has additional costs for them.

I guess that means they will be charging the same exorbitant price or more for that then? Wait, I don’t even have to ask that question they are greedy crooks, just like everybody else in this business which exploits people who have no other choice. Nice that they have been allowed to operate for 10 years now milking us for all they can while they stop anybody else from making a better, cheaper product. And doing everything they can to stop us from restarting etc.

I am not sure what will happen to me because I’m pretty sure my insurance will try to not cover the G7 when it comes out. I cannot afford to pay the rip off that they charge without any insurance.

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Can we buy them from other countries and how much are they?

@meee other countries get deals. I haven’t checked lately but in the UK it was equivalent to $170 a month for the sensors and transmitter. I believe the other countries they are in it’s cheaper too, I could be wrong about every country being so but…

But I think they might have different programming and connections? Different countries have different requirements. I don’t know if anyone has tried to have a whole set up from another country?

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@meee You could try buying them direct from Dexcom Canada but I’m not sure if they’d deliver cross border to the USA. If you take a year’s subscription, they throw in 4 free transmitters ($3,600CA = $2,800USD)

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But I think in Canada and other countries, the sensor/BG number is different uom.
Would need sensor, transmitter and receiver that use correct uom.

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You might also have trouble with the app to run the Dexcom One. They have geography checks built into the apps and you have to have location enabled on your phone. If you do the build your own Dexcom app thing, selecting the right geographic region is a critical step. The apps don’t work if it’s not for your region.

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I’m moving to New Zealand in a couple of weeks and have dug into the prices for getting set up with Dexcom G6 there.

First, it’s not covered (yet) by the national healthcare. However, the agency that approves which new meds the healthcare plan will fund (PHARMAC) has already had several committees and a recommendation that they be prioritized for funding. So that’s good news.

Basically I’m heading over with as many sensors and transmitters as I can get. When I run out, the official distributor of Dexcom in New Zealand is

They also sell the Tslim X2 pump and supplies, which is already designated as being funded by PHARMAC (probably why they’re seriously considering covering the G6 at this point).

If you visit their shop, you’ll see they have a monthly subscription plan that keeps you supplied with a constant stream of Dexcom supplies (sensors and transmitters) for $379.50/month New Zealand dollars- this is about $235 USD/month.

So it’s not cheap at $2,820 USD/year, but it sounds like it’s cheaper than they sell them for in the USA. Can someone who pays cash in the USA confirm this?