G6 sensors fails after 8 days - occurred twice so far

Second of three G6 sensors used so far have quit working on 8th day; 66% is not a good product reliability average.

And, while talking with Dexcom’s Tech Support, the tech mentioned that the replacement being sent will be of the “newer” variety. Apparently, Dexcom makes three (!) G6 sensors - one for replacements, one for folks on Medicare, and the other for regular patients. Sure sounds like the sensors are distributed according to how good they deem the patient’s insurance coverage.

If the 8th-day failures continue, I’m going to suggest to Dexcom that a good chunk of the big bucks they’re spending pushing TV advertisements be redirected to R&D.

I would call it closer to 80% since you got at least 24 days (7+7+10) out of an expected 30. :wink:

I’m not sure what Tech Support said, but that does not seem plausible. Dexcom certainly “makes” a sensor intended for replacements. The distinguishing feature is there is one sensor per package rather than three.

As for Medicare versus “regular” patients, what do you think Dexcom does that is different for those two markets?

Every so often I get a batch that only lasts 8 days. It will usually happen on 2 out of the 3 sensors in a box and then the next several boxes will be fine. The G7 should be out soon so we will see if the G7 reliability is any better. There is no point they put any additional R&D into the G6 as it is very soon to be obsolete.

If your sugars run high your sensors will quit sooner.
There is only so much reagent on the sensor wire.

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I think I read somewhere that the packaging is different and reflects something about Medicare only. I assume it is trying to prevent reselling them like test strips…just a guess.

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My sugars rarely run high. The G6 very rarely works well for me.

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