G6 & Smartphone decision

I thought Dexcom’s FDA approval was for a max 20% margin-of-error. 30% is scary.

Hi Brad, I hope you don’t mind me asking a really easy question. Like you, I’m using the G6 with xdrip+ on Android (Pixel 3) and think it’s great. The only problem is I haven’t figured out any way to save my readings to the cloud. I’m hoping that there’s some easy way? I don’t really mind where I save them, just really helpful if I could see patternsoccurring over the longer term. maybe I should abandon the xdrip+ and just use the dexcom app which is now available for my phone, but I really like the xdrip+ software. Thanks if you can help anyway

Really depends on what you need. What I do now is upload everything via the Herokuapp via nightscout and keep my page up in a tab at work (mine is bradsxdrip.herokuapp.com if you want to see).

My Endo wants everything on clarity, so what I"m doing for now is carrying the separate receiver and letting them upload it to clarity when I go in for my 3 month checkup.

If you don’t require clarity, nightscout has wonderful reporting tools that are very similar to clarity. see http://www.nightscout.info/ .

I feel bad for people whose doctor wants them to do something other than what they would like to do. My doctor works for me not the other way around. Why not tell him that you want to use different software and hand him a report. What’s he going to do? Abandon you as a patient? He can get in major trouble for doing that

I bring paper records to kinda get around all the software hangups.

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