G6 soaking question: how to remove old transmitter?

I used to use two different G4 transmitters & sensors to avoid the 2-hour gap with a new sensor (thanks to a tudiabetes user’s suggestion :slight_smile:

I no longer do this with the G6 (mostly because there is no double-testing required at the end of the 2-hour gap), but I do have terrible first night false-lows with the G6 (as many have reported).

So I read about soaking and it makes sense to me when trying to extend a sensor, but I don’t understand how it works for a new sensor.

If I insert a new sensor 24 hours before I need it and put in an old transmitter (until I take out my current transmitter 24 hours later when that sensor dies) then how do I get the old transmitter out of my new sensor’s case? I’ve never been able to remove them without bending half the casing (like we are supposed to)!

I know I must be missing something, and I did see some say they just put a band-aid to cover it, but since many people mentioned using dead transmitters… I figured I’d start a new post (in case others are confused as well).


This post shows a method some of us are using.

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use a contour next strip to remove the xmittter.

Does the g6 have a new transmitter with each sensor? I am confused. I am also wondering about the gap, is there a long gap? Why would you not care about it because of no calibration, it is still a gap. Imo they should get rud of the gaps or make them minimal and instruct to insert a new sensor in advance.

no; no xmitter with each sensor.

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Sorry for the confusion. G6 is still a 2 hour gap, each transmitter lasts 90 days.

I just meant that testing after the 2 hour gap was always a pain (if I was driving, teaching, or sleeping for example), so the G6 is a big improvement because of this.

Although I just had my G6 transmitter die (while I’m out of the country until Monday night) and I’m pretty sure I can’t revive it :frowning:

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Thank you very much for this!

Oh no, that is bad😖 I have such bad numbers from dex that I will still be calibrating.

The Freestyle Libre has combined transmitter/sensor. The next gen Dexcom G7 appears it may be similar.