G6 vs wifi?

So everyday when I get home from work, my G6 loses signal for a solid two hours, then has spotty coverage all night. It sucks getting lost signal alerts when I’m three feet from the receiver for 8 hours overnight and trying to sleep with a 3 month old in the room.
I’m pretty sure its not my phone - I do keep both together throughout the day and don’t have the issue as much. I’ve turned off bluetooth on my phone at night (I hate the G6 app thing) and that doesn’t seem to matter. I don’t lose signal in my car while driving with bluetooth on…
We have wifi both at work & at home, but at home I’m a lot closer to the router. Could it be that?
And if thats a possibility, why do I also lose signal overnight with the router out in the living room and me & Dex back in the bedroom?
I’m not super tech savvy but I can call & troubleshoot with Dexcom tech support if necessary. Can anyone shed any light on this?

We found restarting your phone everyday helped with dropped dots.

This used to happen a lot to us when we first got the G6 this past summer… I was so annoyed because it would always lose data at night… However, for whatever reason, this has slowly stopped happening. Not sure why?!?

The 2.4 band must be disabled at the router

Do you close to other houses - could be part of the problem

See how much wifi your phone finds

“I’ve turned off bluetooth on my phone at night.”

I’m confused. Doesn’t the transmitter communicate with the phone via bluetooth?

Yes but i don’t use my phone for the readout, i use the receiver. I can’t stand the alarms on the app & how i can’t turn them all off. I’d rather have a separate unit.

Ahhh, I just don’t have a place to put the receiver any higher than my nightstand.
We do have a baby monitor in the bedroom too. And I can see a bunch of neighbor’s wifi but none of them are very strong.

I talked to my husband about it this morning & we’re going to try switching to the 5ghz band & see how that works. I barely have time for lows, i definitely don’t have time for dropped signal all the time.

Do you lose data?

I.e. does the receiver recover the data and fill in all the 5 minute dots from overnight (so it doesn’t lose data) or does it drop segments?

I believe, from what you say, that you use the 'phone during the day and the receiver when you get home (else why would you have the app and turn it off when you get home?)

If the receiver drops the data then it is losing the blue tooth pairing, but I think it is just getting intermittent signal dropout. Elsewhere people seem to be complaining about the signal getting through obstructions so far (I think) as the receiver is concerned.

I gave up on the receiver about a month ago, mainly because it is clunky. I’ve been seen many blue teeth problems with my 'phone, they may be related to interference but I suspect I live in an environment which is just as noisy as your own and I don’t get overnight drop outs despite having a powerful wifi transmitter.

Yes, the data fills back in once i have a signal again.
I have the app because its the only way to get my info to my doc. I was previously using glooko with my G4 and really liked it but so far as i know it doesn’t work with G6.

So the app is turned completely off all the time. I was saying I turn my phone’s bluetooth on & off to see if that helped the signal, which it did, but I still lose it randomly.

If you use either the app or the receiver you can get the G6 data into glooko, but you have to do it by linking glooko to Dexcom Clarity from the glooko app. Assuming you are in the US go to:


Right at the bottom there’s an “Apps & Devices” pane with, amongst other things, a button for “Dexcom Account”. Once you connect your glooko account to your Dexcom account glooko will start syncing to the G6 settings.

I don’t know if there are issues which only arise if two things (app and receiver) are paired with the transmitter - I only have one thing paired (xDrip+, not the official app) yet I still see issues when other bluetooth devices pair or unpair with my phone. xDrip+ also turns the bluetooth back on if it is turned off, I assume the Dexcom app does not do that.

IRC you can set the Dexcom app as a follower; so it doesn’t get data directly from the transmitter, rather it gets it via the receiver. I didn’t see any issues when I just had the receiver connected. It would reconnect fine after it got out of range and wouldn’t drop out when it was in range.

With regard to interference from other signals the wikipedia article has a useful list of potential problems:

I remembered that while my own Wifi network does use the 2.45GHz band it’s actually a dual band system and most of the traffic is on 5GHz. My cordless phones are also all DECT, the microwave is new and, well, I see disconnects when exiting my car strongly suggesting that the internal vehicle wireless might be a problem.

I’ve been connected to glooko with my Dexcom account - just checked again, still am. There just wasn’t a place to add the G6 as a new device when I first got it. Maybe it’s changed somehow and I didn’t realize it?

Glooko just uploads whatever is on Clarity - you should be seeing the same G6 data on Glooko that you see on Clarity, but the G6 Receiver should also show up in the Glooko ‘Devices’ page:

Dexcom G6 Touchscreen Receiver

It doesn’t tell you what the CGM actually is on the other pages, but I’ve only ever used the G6 with Glooko and this is what I see on graphs:

The Glooko support are pretty helpful; they got back to me pretty fast about xDrip+ support, albeit the answer was “no”.

John Bowler