My gad-65 test results were <5.0 What does this mean

This Labcorp site lists 0-5.0 units/mL as the reference interval. I interpret this to mean that your result of < 5.0 means that your test was negative for GAD-65 autoantibodies.

Your doctor would be the definitive answer.

GAD-65 is on of the antibody test used to detect type 1 diabetes. Being negative is good but doesn’t mean you don’t have type 1. Besides the other antibody test some type 1’s don’t test positive for any antibodies.

Still a negative is better than positive I would say.

Yea my old endo lists me as type 1, PvP lists me as type two (but never ran trsts) my new endocrinologist lists neither yet. Just saw lab reports on patient portal. Was just curious. Both endocrinologists are excellent old one moved to California.

It is good to get the full suite of autoantibody tests performed; here is a good article on the tests. A small but significant percentage of people will be GAD-negative but positive for one or more of the other autoantibodies.

Not terribly concerned have been insulin dependent for 20 years now. Was just wandering what it , seen it on my lab report and seen it referenced here also. Looked up on line aldo, as I have said before, I love information and lookup stuff I run across that I am not familiar with, not that I’ll remember. Can’t even remember when I lost my memory. But am retired on disability so it keeps my mind occupied.

Okay, got it!