Losing weight on the pump

I started on the insulin pump a mini med 722 about 4 weeks ago. I have lost over 10 pounds since i started on the pump not sure if anyone else has experienced this either. I have had my basal and carb ratios changed around 6 times in the last couple of weeks. How long did it take them to get your basal and carb ratios set after starting on the pump.

I wish I shared your experence with weigh loss.I have gained since I have been on the pump.

YEAH! I lost weight to. Not sure how much. But after awhile at work. Customers and co -workers were noticeing and still are. There like are you on a diet. Well much to there knowlege I joined the pumper world.

I lost 15 punds in the first month and have stayed steady ever since. Many people seem to gain weight though?

Before you started pumping what insulin were you using?

I was using humalog and lantus.

I find weight management much easier on the pump. I am sure it is because it’s a much more precise way of delivering insulin, both with basals and boluses.

I check and make small adjustments to my ratios and basals about every six months if needed.

It could be because you are no longer taking the Lantus.

I have gained weight on the pump, mostly because it is too easy to push a button to eat. I also suffer from more lows on the pump and then I eat. I also feel that I have more lows on the pump, my thought is because it is a constant flow of fast acting insulin. I have been pumping for 6 years and I still make changes, now because I am trying to exercise more even though that also causes lows. Right now I am at a good place with pretty consistant numbers through the night , a.m. and after lunch, but I have this nasty low at 5:00 p.m. that I cannot conquer and so I am changing my basals again, something I hate doing.

I am still adjusting my insulin on the pump after ten years of having the pump and 21 years of being diabetic. As my excersize changes, so do my basal rates. Last year I was taking an average of 80 units a day. This year, I am down to 40 units on average–almost cut in half! Congrtulations for the weight loss and good luck with the new pump!