Gaining weight with workout?

on december 25th i started the 60 day insanity work out. i am beginning my second week and guess what....i gained 10 pounds. WHY! everybody is telling me that this is water weight. but i really think that 10 pounds is an alarming number..especially after all i have lose with my low carb diet. i had come so far and now i feel very discouraged. any advice?

Maybe you're developing more muscle?

maybe but 10 pounds? it feels too soon for that. and i feel much bigger. not a good feeling especially since i am working out so hard every day. maybe it is just the science of exercise but it seems impossible to lose weight these days.

I heard its normal to gain in the begining of an workout...from water gain, make sure you are very hydrated and also muscle gain...muscles way more than fat...they say usually about a month after a work out you will see significant weight loss...I always go by the fit of my clothes, numbers on a scale can be frustrating to see especially if they are not where you expect them to be after a hard work out....just keep it up!!!

Are you doing all the diet stuff? One of my buddies is huge into that and has gotten good results ( I'm not selling it but the results are pretty amazing...) but he is, or at least reports that he's very strict with the dietary regimen, timing carbs to workouts, no carbs except veggies in the evening, etc.

Re weight, I go up and down all the time. I wouldn't worry about the weight w/ the course. Stick with the regimen and see how it goes and what sort of results you get after 60 days.

Hormones? I just gained like three pounds overnight and feel all bloated today, and my blood sugars suddenly started running higher. Stupid hormones. :(

I've been trying to lose weight for about six months with very little movement (but I'm not doing any crazy workouts, just exercising daily and trying to eat healthy). It's kind of depressing but I just keep plugging away hoping that eventually I'll start the downward trend.

i heard the same things. i am a very dedicated person, i like to start something and finish it which is why i planned to do a program like this. to be honest i saw better and faster results when i was walking 6 miles a day. i planned a route and walked/ran it every single morning. i slimmed down and had great blood sugars. do you think i should switch back to this and give up on the insanity. perhaps it is more fit for somebody who has already reached their goal weight and is aiming to gain muscle?

yes i stick to a healthy diet, no carbs really at all unless i need the to treat a low, in which case i resort to a small amount of fruit. i am so impatient...thinking i should switch back to running and jogging for the next 50 days. any thoughts?

I wouldn't focus on the weight at all w/ something like that. My friend has been at it for a while but I think that there's a theory of food that you get if you buy it, rather than D/L it from you tube that involves specific timing of food to fuel specific workouts and, based on my tangental exposure to it, avoiding surplus/ extraneous carbs when you are not getting ready to do 150 mason crunches. I have toyed with the idea of trying one of those to see how they work out but am just running still. I had done the marathon in October and then had surgery a couple of weeks later. I started doing some crunches and weightlifting recently and it's going ok. I'd like to lose some weight but not enough to lay off junk food and beer, even though I have less of both than I used to. I don't think that the program would put 10 lbs on you unless the diet is wierder than I thought. I mostly have chattted with my buddy about it and am not 100% sure how "friendly" it would be for me? Then again, if it doesn't kill me, it will make me stronger? Hmmmmm....

Why not go back to what was working better for you? Great BG & slimmer--those are results.

It's not giving up if it's not benefitted you.

It is a huge mistake to look at the scale and try to decide about whether an exercise program is working. It is routine to gain or lose 10% or so of your bodyweight because of changes glycogen and hydration. Any weight related to this is absolutely meaningless in the long-term. Why? Because it all evens out. You won't continue to gain or lose that weight, just think of it as a variation.

In the end, if your body shrank all around yet you still gained 10 lbs would you care? If you do resistance training, this is the result. Can you live with that? I can. Think about it. This is not about weight. It is about body composition (more muscle, less fat) and fitness.

I've noticed that when I take the dog out and it's dark (moon on the other side of the planet, "below" me) I gain a couple of lbs...