Pain and No Gain!

Working out is hard I tell ya. You go
on the machines, you pump some iron, you take cardio classes. You lose
4 inches on your waist! Hold on before you get happy for me, there is

I actually didn’t believe them when the told me today at the gym when I got measured. She said You lost 4 inches and I said oh really?

Why am I not excited? Well that is because I have been working out since umm September and I lost a total of ummm 2 pounds! WTF? I hit a plateau before I even started.

I know that my diet is not the problem. Well, what the hell is it then? I am working out with a trainer 3 days a week and she works me TRUST ME, and the two days I dont see her I am doing cardio classes. Maybe I need to step up my cardio even more? Ya think?

Please give me suggestions and if you have had a similiar problem.

Hey Gina,
Don’t get discouraged by the numbers on the scale. The true test is the tape measure! Your trainer should have prepared (warned you) about it. Muscle always weighs more than fat and takes up less space. Sounds like you are building muscle AND losing fat which doesn’t translate to a scale. The good news is, the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism. Cardio without weights is typically where people see a dramatic weight loss, but it’s better if your body has a balance. Cardio for heart and endurance, weights for strength and agility.

I used to be a Certified Personal Trainer, and I can’t tell you how many times I heard complaints like yours. It’s really good news though.

Sounds like your doing an amazing job! Congrats and Keep it up!

weight is just a number, it’s how your clothes fit and how you feel about yourself. right now you’re obviously making muscle, and that weighs more than fat. you’ve probably lost a good 10lbs of fat and gained 8 of muscle. think of it that way!

I just wanted to echo about the fact that weight is “just a number”… I stopped exercising a few years back and didn’t gain much weight, but I can feel that I have less muscle… now I hope to gain that muscle back and feel better— no matter what the number on the scale says!