Gallbladder surgery

has anyone had their gallbladder removed? I am speaking with the surgeon about my care during and after the procedure in regards to my blood sugar. I am worried that the hospital won't let me wear and manage my pump if I stay the night afterwards. Also I have been told they check your blood sugar during surgery and I am so afraid they will forget. My endo said they should add dextrose to the IV since I will have to fast prior to. Any suggestions are welcomed!

Unless you have complications you should be able to go home that same day. I had mine taken out in 2009 but I wasn't on insulin at the time.

Hi Brigid. When I was hospitalized, my doctor left orders that I was to manage my own diabetes care, pump at the time. Everybody respected his order. The nurses were interested in my pump, so I showed them how it worked, which was kind of fun. If I were you, I'd ask my doctor to leave that kind of order. The trick is setting your basal right for all time periods to carry you through.