Gallbladder update

Had a second ercp after being transferred to another hospital, as the first failed. I got pancreatitis…i hate this organ. I might get the gallbladder out tomorrow or the next day. I’m in love with morphine because my pain is awful. My iv is still beeping i hate it. I’m only 23 i don’t need all this

I'm not sure what ercp is? I'm so sorry you are in so much pain and going through all of this, you are way too young for this for sure! Have faith that morphine and your strength will get you through this and you will feel better soon. Wishing you well :-)

My gall bladder died in my body in 1998. I hurt so bad I wanted to cut it out myself if I could not rid myself of it via surgery. I started to get infection in my blood because one doctor did not believe me. I understand your intense pain and the sickness. I wish you well.