Garmin, iPhone, and tSlim x2 all connected to dexcom g6

Hello I was wonder if/ how it would be possible to connect Garmin, iPhone, and tSlim x2 to dexcom g6? I really love my iPhone and the dexcom clarity reports. Also I’m a runner and want a garmin to connect directly to my g6 so that I only need a watch for runs. And lastly my g6 has to remain connected to the TSlim x2 because of the new basal is technology.

I don’t know much about nightscout/ if that can be my solution. Thanks

I don’t think it’s possible to connect a Garmin watch directly to G6. You can connect a t:slim and an iPhone. It can transmit to one medical device (pump or receiver) and one non-medical device (phone) at a time. Won’t you be taking your pump on runs so you can still leave the phone behind?

I’ve seen some advancements with xdrip plus software. I just like to run with as little on me as possible so I only need glucose. The worry is going low rather than high because I drop so much during runs