Does G6/G5 connect to both t:slimX2 and iPhone?

For those who currently use the t:slim X2 with the Dexcom G5/G6: If the Dexcom is paired to the X2, can you also see glucose readings on your iPhone/Apple Watch?


Yes. Running the Dexcom with the X2 and an iPhone (which then relays to an Apple Watch) is IMHO a common configuration.

I like the way Tandem now phrases this:

The Dexcom G6 CGM transmitter can only be paired with one medical device (either a Dexcom receiver or t:slim X2 Pump) and one consumer device (phone or tablet) at the same time.

This is the same for the G5.

Only difference being whether the Basal-IQ update is applied or not. Without the Basal-IQ then the X2 will pair with the G5. With the Basal-IQ then the X2 will pair with the G6.

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Thanks. Do the Alerts double up then? for the mandatory 55 low alert, will it alarm on both devices now?

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Yes it does, for both Apple and. Android

The alerts do double up, which can sometimes be annoying. However, because they are different devices you can choose different alert settings. Also, the X2 allows you to choose 55 or 50 as the urgent low alert. I personally, have my X2 alerts set to vibrate to limit the double beeping annoyance, and have it set to 50 to get a secondary urgent alert that shows when I’m really dropping.

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So, once you start a new session on 1 device it automatically connects to the other device? Do you like to start a new session on the X2 or the phone?


In terms of the phone and receiver, I am pretty sure we have to hit start session on both. However they do not need to be synchronized in terms of timing and only the first start will actually kick off the 2-hr timer. We usually use the phone for that.

We use the receiver more as a backup. When I remember, I will hit start session on the receiver and then within five minutes (if it is in range obviously) it will simply join the existing session. Or if the two-hour warmup has not finished then it will join the warmup already in progress. Either way, the “second” start session does not interrupt whatever is already going on with the session as established.

I wish they would add the ability to set the snooze time in the app. I had some high bGs today, and the app alert went off every 5 minutes. My t:slim x2 lets me do this. I mean, insulin won’t even be close to having an effect in 5 min.

Thanks Tim

Can you unpair the t:slim during a session and continue using the iPhone app alone?

We are on the G6 now and have not tried it on the G6.

But with the G5, sure. Bring the pump far outside the range of the Dexcom transmitter. (Either second person or pop the transmitter and leave it behind.) Stop the Dex session on the pump. Change the G5 transmitter id on the pump (I would just pump the last digit up by one) so as to prevent further communication from the pump to the transmitter. Done. You can go back in range now.