Tandem t:connect and Galaxy Watch 5

I have a t:slim x2, a Samsung Galaxy S22, and just recently a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. I am using the t:connect app on my phone and I use the remote bolus feature so I’d like to keep that working.

Is it possible to get my Dexcom G6 CGM reading on my watch?

I tried downloading xDrip+ on my phone but I wasn’t able to get it to connect to the G6.

Do you still have the Dexcom app on your phone? Dexcom can only connect to one phone app, so Xdrip won’t work that way.

I’m a personal fan of Xdrip, but if you want to keep the Dexcom app, there are several other ways to do it. One of the easier ways is to install the g-watch app. If pushes data from your Dexcom app to one of their own watchfaces, or as a complication in other ones if you have a watchface you really like.

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I have the t:connect app on my phone. I can’t remember if the Dexcom app can co-exist with the t:connect app. There’s also some funky “follow” thing as well.

The T:connect app is fine. It doesn’t talk to Dexcom directly at all. It gets it’s information from the pump, so it doesn’t count.

But you cannot have both the Dexcom app and Xdrip at the same time. They fight with one another. Technically there’s a way if you need them both, but that’s probably more information than you want right now. And I’m not sure why you have Follow installed. That’s an app for our loved ones to see our data, if we want that. It’s not for the person who’s actually wearing the Dexcom to use. There’s nothing on it for you. I don’t think that one is a problem, because it should be getting data from an Internet server and not your transmitter, but I would uninstall it anyway.

Disable/uninstall all Dexcom apps on your phone and wait for 15 minutes if you want to use XDrip+.

The Tandem app works directly with the pump, and is independent of the Dexcom auxiliary display Bluetooth connection… XDrip+ uses the Dexcom auxiliary display Bluetooth connection.

Connect Xdrip+ to your Dexcom sensor .
In XDrip+ under Settings/Smartwatch Features, select Android Wear Integration.
Enable Send data to Android Wear Watchface.

If you want to share Dexcom data, you can do it through XDrip+.
Under Settings/Cloud Upload, select Dexcom Share Server Upload…

I didn’t have the follow app installed, I just knew of its existence.

I successfully installed xDrip+ and connected it.

I have enabled Send data to Android Wear Watchface.

Not sure what to do next…

See this discussion, it contains how to use the free G-Watch Wear App to get your bG on your watch.