Gastroparesia and Weed

Hi, I may not be in the right categorie, but here I go! Does someone have gastroparesia and smoke a lot of weed? Does anyone ever heard of CHS (Canabinoïd Hyperemesis Syndrome)? Its kinda an intolerance to THC/CBD, you get really sick, with nausea and intense vomiting. One of its “side effect” is gastroparesia. In fact gastroparesia is sometimes misdiagnosed instead of CHS. You get CHS after many years of heavy smoking. Simple curiosity, I wonder if many diabetic smoke and if they developed gastroparesia because of it?

Diabetic gastroparesis is caused by the deterioration of the nerves associated with long-term diabetes, and smoking marijuana won’t cause that. Just because both cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome – vomiting after smoking weed – and gastroparesis can both produce the same symptom, nausea and vomiting, doesn’t mean there is any further connection between them. Lots of different conditions produce the same symptoms, simply because the body’s repertoire to express its distress is limited, but that doesn’t make the underlying disease similar. People can get red skin from hives or cancer, or can get a fever from the 'flu or tuberculosis, but the diseases underlying the same symptoms in these cases are not related.

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What about this?


The Effects of Cannabinoids in the Gastrointestinal System
The gastrointestinal actions of cannabinoids are mediated chiefly by CB1 receptors (Figure 2). Activation of CB1 receptors result in inhibition of gastric acid secretion, lower esophageal sphincter relaxation [40], altered intestinal motility [41,42], visceral pain, and inflammation [9,43]. CB1 receptor activation reduces gastric motility and results in delayed gastric emptying in rat models [44,45]. In humans, THC given at doses used to prevent chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting causes a significant delay in gastric emptying [46]. These findings in humans are further supported by a randomized, placebo-controlled trial with dronabinol that resulted in a significant delay in gastric emptying [47]. In comparison to other adverse effects associated with cannabinoids, delayed gastric emptying appears to be particularly resistant to the development of tolerance [48]. Additionally, intermittent administration of THC results in hypersensitization of the delayed gastric emptying effect [49]. THC’s effect on gastric motility is a paradox, as a delay in gastric emptying would be expected to promote nausea and vomiting [50]. However, nausea and vomiting traditionally do not occur with cannabis use, likely due to the anti-emetic properties of THC on the central nervous system.


That’s very interesting, since a lot of recent research in the field of gastroparesis control has been looking at the relationship between the mind and gastric motility in producing the characteristic negative symptoms of gastroparesis, such as nausea and vomiting. Since it is so difficult to improve the rate of gastric emptying if domperidone cannot be used, and many jurisdictions have recently banned or severely restricted its use, the optimal route to symptomatic control of gastroparesis may well be through the mental response to it rather than through its mechanical improvement.

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I agree, mental response have a lot to do with gastric motility. The vagal nerve is directly connected to the brain. Thanks for your opinion!

Yes and yes!

I just created an account because I feel the need to create awareness in the correlation between weed and Gastroparesis.

Seydlitz response just show how ignorant we are in this topic. If he or she is a Dr please go back to research.

Recently my wife was diagnosed with Gastroparesis after years of vomiting, nausea and abdominal pain. My wife is a weed smoker… She is addicted to it. We being from Drs to Drs and none of them seems aware of this.

While I was doing research I concluded that Gastroparesis couldn’t be the cause of all her symptoms. Worst yet? Lot of ppl recommend weed for Gastroparesis.

One day I was so overwhelmed by my wife being constantly sick even with treatment for Gastroparesis that I started doing research and found lots of cases similar to my wife.

I told myself or my wife has CVS and Gastroparesis is a trigger point or she have CHS.

Well the fact is that weed can have a negative impact in your GI and cause Gastroparesis as a.secondary effect. Once my wife stopped weed the Gastroparesis disappeared. She is lot better now.

This doesn’t have any relation with mind, weed can alter CB1 receptora slowing down GI motility.

CVS and CHS are pretty much the same in terms of symptoms.

If you have Gastroparesis, you smoke weed, and you feel very sick with nausea and vomiting a lot please stop weed. I suggest you start a 2 way solution.

  1. treated like CHS by quitting weed
  2. treated like CVS
    -L Carnitina

Thank me later, and yes WEED CAN CAUSE GASTROPARESIS!

I smoked weed chronically for a decade. After awhile I noticed extreme stomach pain and nausea with hypoglycaemia which would only happen when I had been smoking. I tested this several times and there was definitely some link between smoking weed , hypos, and fairly severe stomach pains. I ended up stopping smoking after this becaise my time with weed was done and I could no longer handle the nausea and severe pain. I’m so glad you bought this up because I researched this for sometime to no avail! There is certainly something strange about the stomach and pot.

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