Gastroparesis and other GI Issues and Type 1

I have GP and it the cause is Type 1 diabetes. I am having difficulty with this and am on forums just for GP but my understanding is it is different if the cause is diabetes, so I am trying to find others who have GP and Type 1. I am wondering who else has it, symptoms, medications and how you are doing. Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Hi Casey, Many of our members here experience gastroparesis. A good place to start you search for answers might be in the Gastroparesis group.

thank you-for some reason I could not find it.

Regalin is the most common drug used for it, if you get better control of your sugars it could go away too.

Kelly has gastroparesis and blogs at this website. She doesn’t blog frequently these days, but you can read some of her previous posts. Also she also has a lot of links on her website about gastroparesis. You’ll see it in her menu on top.

She also periodically posts on TuDiabetes; her screen name is Kelly WPA. You should be able to “friend” her and send her a message if you have specific questions.

Thank you.