recently diagnosed. apparently its another chronic disease to add to my diabetes. anyone else have this? i was told that i was diagnosed because i’ve had diabetes for such a long time (20yrs). it’s not so bad… just can’t hardly eat anything without feeling full and bloated. anyone else have this?

I have this.At first I just felt nauseous all the time.Then my doctor gave me a pill and said it would settle my stomach.It did .I never felt bloated.As my control became better I found that 1 pill before breakfast was all I needed.It wasn’t as big of a deal as getting diabetes.

No,they are called Dom Peridon.It’s a tiny little pill that works wonders.After taking them before meals it only took a couple of days to start feeling better.

I’ve had a few gastric emptying studies done, which showed my digestion to be slow, on the verge of gastroparesis. I’ve been able to control it with diet … eating simple foods, watching what foods I combine, etc. I avoid overly processed foods, etc. I realize this isn’t the cure-all for gastroparesis, but it sure has helped me out for the last five years. (I’ve had diabetes for 24 years.)