Gastroparesis flare up

Please help me. My gastroparesis has flared up again. After 3 days of eating small meals taking ginger capsules and 2 domperidone I haven’t had much relief. My sugars are going high only 1 hour after eating. I am very scared as my D has never been this uncontrolled. I feel like crap. Can anyone offer me some advice. I think I will make an appointment with my health professional.

What do you mean by flared up? What are your symptom? And maybe it not your medication, but you can take 4 domperidone per day(1 before each meal) Also try to go low carb maybe, until you can control your bg a bit more?

I know one nephrologist who has prescribed up to 120 mg. of domperidone a day for his patients, and he has found no clinically significant slowing of the heart’s Q-T interval in these patients, so it seems safe. Given that, you might want to ask your doctor to consider a dosage increase. Alternatively, you might try eating only pureed and other soft food, which works so well for me I was able to give up taking domperidone entirely.

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BY flaring up meaning my symptoms of gastroparesis have reappeared. It doesn’t normally bother me. I was managing well on 1 pill a day. When I had ear pain I thought it was my sinusses. I was doing nasal washes thinking it helped but when I couldn’t sleep for 3 days I got suspicious of it being something else. I have never had ear pain like this. My neck and my molars are sore too. My D doctor wants me to only take no more than 2 domperidone a day. He won’t renew my prescription if I order too soon. I have been eating foods that are easily digested, yogurt, toast eggs noodles and drinking boost.

Have you been tested for celiac disease? Autoimmune disorders tend to cluster and TD1, Celiac Disease and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis are most commonly linked. Gastroparesis is a common symptom for all three.

Celiac disease is systemic and your sinus, neck and ear pain can also be attributed to CD.

Celiac disease is just a simple blood test. Ask your doctor.

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As I mentioned, I have seen patients treated long-term with 120 mg/day of domperidone with no significant lengthening of the Q-T interval, so if I were you, I would shop around to find a doctor who will write the prescription you need. Because of a panic study published in England a while ago, doctors are excessively concerned about domperidone, but those who have been using it for a long time all protested about how unrealistic the study was. Domperidone is used in comparably massive amounts to promote lactation in nursing women, which is not really necessary for health, so you should ensure that you are getting an adequate dose to avoid the risk of starving to death or having to be fed by an i.v. or a j-tube all the time, which are possible outcomes with gastroparesis.

I had taken 60 mg/day with no problems for years, and electrocardiograph tests showed no clinically significant cardiac injury as a result of it. If you can’t find a reasonable doctor to give you the dose you need, you might try eating only pureed food, which allows many patients to survive without a large domperidone dose.

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I ended up going to work today. I didn’t feel like it though. I went to the clinic this morning as I need some relief to be able to sleep My neck back arms are stiff. I am keeping a conscious my mind of my body. Sometimes I realize I am tense in an arm or my shoulders. I was prescribed lorazapam for rest. I feel less anxiety knowing that I can take one to help me. It is habit-forming so I am going to look for herbal remedied for the nervous system. I already have a heart murmur. THat mightbe the reason why my doctor is being cautious. Thankyou for your advice.

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Good news. Doing a little better. Got some much needed sleep last night. I am working on keeping my neck back and arms relaxed. Just knowing that ther was a bright light at the end of the tunnel helped me. Thankyou everyone for your kind words of advice.

Still doing okay. Last night I only took melatonin and I slept the whole night. Eventually I want to get to the point where I can fall asleep naturally. The gastroparesis symptoms have subsided, but I still have to be careful that I don’t eat too much. My ears only plug a few times throughout the day but the tightening feeling in my face is gone.

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I am still doing well. My bloodsugars have leveled out and the symptoms I had before are now gone. I feel alot of stress when my sugars aren’t in control. I think my sensor was acting a little crazy too. I saw the diabetes educator and she wrote down all of the symptoms I was feeling. I could now scratch those off the list. I am eating the way I was before this episode. I still take melatonin before bed for sleep, but that is my age. I’m in my fifties.

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Hi. Yes, I had another flare up of gastroparesis. It took 3 days of taking 2 domperidone tablets. This site is great for when you have complications with “D”. Three days of feeling sluggish and not sleeping where all classic symptoms I had before. When I searched my old posts everything that was happening to me then was happening to me. I started feeling better last night. I write everything in my logbook. I slept well last night. I am going to keep taking 2 domperidone and if I need to I will see my doctor to get my allowance increased.