I am really scared

I started with gastroparesis bothering me again. It was 7 months the last time I had a flareup. I haven’t been able to sleep for the last 6 days. I increased my domperidone to 3 a day. I afraid that this is going to be forever. I am always cold and can’t eat anything except yogurt and boost. My neck and shoulders are really stiff. HELP!!!

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You need to call your PC Doctor . I hope you get better soon. The times we are going through are hard on us all.

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What do you mean by pc doctor? I called 3 days ago and he told me just to increase my domperidone. It’s working for the nausea but the sleeping is hard. I am unable to relax. I am afraid that my vagus nerve has been so compromised that it can’t be fixed.

I think @DonR meant primary care doctor.

Is it possible for you to improve your glucose levels at all? I found that my vagus nerve health as measured by my gastroparesis symptoms slowly improved when I improved my overall glucose control. I changed to a low carb way of eating in 2012 when I received a gastroparesis diagnosis. My GP is not completely healed but the symptoms are stable and even slightly improving at this time.

I’m currently treating small intestine bacterial/fungal overgrowth so the overlap in symptoms with GP makes it hard to distinguish one cause from the other.

Do you practice any form of intermittent fasting?

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My glucose control isn’t that bad. According to my dexcom reports I get between 70 and 80 % on target. I eat low carb too and right now I am only eating boost arrowroot cookies, yogurt and baked potatoes. I don’t feel like eating.

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Is your target 4-10 mmol/L (70-180) or 4-8 mmol/L (70-140)? Do you pre-bolus when you eat? If so, is that a fixed amount of time or do you watch your CGM and wait for the downward bend?

I know very little about eating with more advanced gastroparesis, so please excuse my ignorance.

Have you tried eating baked potatoes after they’ve been cooled in the refrigerator? I’ve read that refrigerating after baking converts some of the starch into resistant starch and can theoretically lower the glycemic index and post-meal glucose rises.

Are you a vegetarian? I’ve recently started eating pork liver pate in an attempt to gain the nutrition of organ meats. It seems like it would work for a GP regimen.

Have you tried or considered using cannabis to increase your appetite?

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Don’t forget to top with a layer of black or red granular fish caviar for the ultimate LCHF treat. Mmmmmmm

There is a wonderful group on facebook for GP. The gal who ran it sadly passed away after many health issues, but her mom is carrying on and they are the nicest, most helpful people in that forum. You might like to chat over there and gain some support. Many blessins…

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Do you mean on my dexcom or pump? On my dexcom my target is during the night is 4.9-9.5mmol and during the day 4.9-10mmol. On my pump it’s 5.7-7.9mmol and during the day it’s 5a-12a 5.7-7.8mmol. I was able to get some sleep last night. I slept from 945p til 3am. I got up to use the bathroom and took some passionflower and fell back to sleep after about 1 hour. I called the clinic that prescribed me lorazepam in 2018 when this happened. They called my pc doctor and he called me. He wasn’t going to give me any because of the side effects but I told him I only took 2 last time. So he said he would send some out “against his better judgment”. Yes, I do prebolus or if I am high I wait for it to go down. I am not having alot of lows. They say to bolus after eating with gastroparesis but my sugar goes up usually within the 15 minutes timeframe. I am not a vegetarian. My body gets really sore when my gastroparesis acts up. My molars are sore but I guess that is from the acid from my stomach. I don’t have any heartburn or diarrhea. I am taking 3 domperidone and ginger and digestive enzymes. I don’t know for sure if they will help but I have nothing to lose.

I don’t know where you live - if you are far from MN. Looks like you are in Canada, but you can’t get across the border, now. They generally want to do EVERYTHING from scratch - including all labwork - EVERYTHING. So, I don’t know if they can do this stuff remotley. But, you could give a call and see if you have compatable insurance. They often self fund when people dont have any $ and are desperate. You coud give a call and see what they say. But, they have had major layoffs latley. I don’t know how much extra money they have.

This problem seems tricky enough to warrent the higher ups.
Lorazepam, eh?

I am in Windsor Ontario. I knew I would be receiving my lorazepam the next day. Just knowing that must have decreased alot of the anxiety before bed. I went to bed at 945pm and slept until three AM. I only took passionflower that night. I had a pretty good night!:blush::+1::grin:


Ahhh, your not that far away.

Be careful with the Covid since your so near Detroit. The internet says lorazepam isn’t great if you have trouble breathing. The 2 things might not mix well. I was googling it because its an anti-seizure. I feel like they presecribe anti-seizure meds for, like, such a wide range of conditions. They are such interesting meds.

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It is also for anxiety. I have taken before. I only needed 2. I’ m not going to use it if the passion flower is still working.

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I figured from the context. I sure hope that stuff does the trick. Fingers crosssed. So far, so good.

When I saw you are eating only arrowroot I remembered people having digestive problems with foods containing chicory root. Chicory has a high level of inulin which is what triggers digestive upset for many people. I haven’t done that level of research on arrowroot, but the following came up in a quick search on arrowroot:
“Non-digestible carbohydrates such as inulin and oligofructose (OF), including their intestinal fermentation products, may modulate the gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) as well as the systemic immune system. Inulin and OF are classified as prebiotics which occur naturally as plant storage carbohydrates in vegetables, cereals, and fruits”.
Did your medical team recommend a diet heavy in arrowroot? If not, what would they say?

Thanks for the info. I am not having any bloating or gas. I don’t eat arrowroot cookies that often. My bloodsugar was 86% on target since I have been dealing with gastroparesis. I am not seeing the lows and the spikes a few hours after eating. I just have no appetite. If it wasn’t for that I’d be happy.

:slightly_smiling_face: hello
Try kefir instead of yoghurt ( lifeway brand seems most affordable and tasty).
Gluten free when possible or when you feel up to it.you can just replace some things like a rice/ brown rice meal or a gluten free crackers ( glutino brand table crackers actually taste good with good texture).
Mashed potatoes
Some of it just depends on what you are craving but think easier to digest.
applesauce on toast

These are just ideas to get the imagination going.

Careful about increasing the meds. Research or ask someone because from what little information I looked up on fda.gov it has some serious risks