Gastroparesis plugged nose

Does anyone have their nose plug up tightening in their cheeks and ear pain during a flare up? I was having a flare up but never suspected that my ear pain was caused by gastroparesis.

Never heard that gastroparesis could do that… but that would explain why i have so much pain in my ear… did you know you could have hear loss from diabetes complication?

Yes. I have been searching on the internet if the two were related. I was treating my symptoms as sinus trouble. When sinus washes weren’t giving me relief I figured it was gastro. They say by chanting “ommmmm” it helps stimulate the vagus nerve responsible for moving food through the stomach. I am doing everything I can to get back to health. So far I haven’t vomitted, thank god.I am eating lots of yogurt and chewing lots of gum. That also helps stimulate the nerve.I know what you are going through, take care.

Wow I didnt know about the Om and the chewing gum neither, thanks! Have you tried acupuncture maybe? Im considering trying it since you can stimulate the vagal nerves. Take care too!