GES test for gastroparesis

Has anyone had a GES test for gastroparesis? What is the test like? I am having one for the first time on monday and instead of putting it in scrambled eggs they are putting it in my liquid pureed food. The reason for this is because I have been on liquids/pureed foods for two months now. I cant tolerate regular food yet. If that is unsuccessful, they are going to do it again but with the scrammbled eggs.


I had the test done a few months ago. It’s a very easy test. All I had to do was eat some scrambled eggs and then stand in front of an imaging plate every 15 minutes for about 2 hours. They initially said that the test would take 3 hours but they ended it early when the results clearly showed that the food was passing through my stomach at a normal rate. The technician that ran the test did not want to tell me much as the protocol says that the results should be presented to the patient by the ordering doctor.

Take some reading material or other amusement to keep you occupied during the down time. Good luck.


thanks terry : )

How did the test go this past Monday , Tee??

ooooh, I’m interested to see how the test went too. I want to request this test be run on me.

hi nel, they have to redo the test next friday… this time with scrambled eggs…they also want me to quit my domperidone, laxatives and enemas for a few days and try and eat regular foods…I did the past two days and ive been getting sick again…but its only ten more days : )
After the next test, it may just mean i have to remain on liquid pureed food…i do find, on the liquid and pureed food, that my sugars are down and more balanced out…not all over the place…im on my way down to victoria to an endo for help on march 10…

hi marps…do get the test done…it is really worth it…even just for peace of mind… : ) I just wish I didnt have to do it all over again…not enjoying how im feeling right now back on normal food …kinda worried goin off my meds for a few days too…i will let you know how the next test goes…

I have gastroparesis. Sorry to meet another on this road.

My endo didn’t suggest the test because he said results can be inconclusive because of how unpredictable this charming condition is. For now, I only have trouble with dinner. Like to find a lab who’d do the test from 8 PM-3 AM:)

hang in there kiddo ( maybe easier said than done ??) …thinking of you !

I have huge issues with dinner too! I didnt realize there could be problems with only one meal per day. It’s so weird. If I eat any carbs after 3:00, I’m SCREWED for my late evening and morning numbers. My meals after dinner seem to be relatively okay, but it’s more of the few hours after where I start to climb.

Like last night, for example, I ate really late (9:00) and I had 1/4 cup of macaroni. One QUARTER of a cup- it was like 2 bites. Looked good afterwards, went to bed a few hours later at 92 BG, but when I woke up??? 275!

Thank goodness Apidra works quickly for me. Within the next hour, I should be back in the 80s.

Iv had it done… Sometimes they extend it out… For me the wait time between images got long. As someone else mentioned on here, sometimes it can be inconclusive, since the stomach can be a bit unpredictable… (there may be a day where your stomach behaves itself), but usually once you do not empty its pretty much a done deal…

Basically you come in on an empty stomach, and they feed you a small meal, mine consisted of toast, scrambled eggs, and a VERY small amount of water (this was the (you got to be kidding me part of it)…the eggs have a little bit of Technetium 99m in them… And then you lie under the gamma camera for about an hour… then they usually let you get up and leave/go around the hospital… You come back every hour, a little before the hour, anywhere from 3-5 times, You lie down each time, they take pictures for about 10 min at most, then you get up… Thats about it.

Tee- How long have you been diabetic? Did you go on pureed food on your own? My Endo is hesitant to diagnose me with anything. But I can see proof in my BG numbers. I just started splitting my Levemir and it helped a little, but I’m still seeing major spikes after I eat anything with carbs after 3:00pm. It’s really strange.

T1D 12 years.

Then what happens? If you’re diagnosed, you have to learn how to eat all over again? I’ve read somewhere that you have to go on pureed foods? That sounds a little scary to me. Just, I’m 25. I don’t want to be eating the way that my grandmother eats already. You know?

But at the same time, I don’t want to be sick anymore. I hate it.

It is interesting that the problems start at 3:00pm. Is is possible that the carbs from breakfast and lunch are arriving that late - lunch for sure but breakfast?

Dr. B has a very detailed discussion of gastroporesis (look through… for about a dozen articles). In my case, I have GES as a result of my Byetta and much of my issues can be addressed by eating 4-6 (or even 8) smaller meals during the day. One thing that triggers mine is eating too much and I can basically get stuck for hours with my stomach failing to empty. Dr. B has a broad range of suggestions as well as more advanced diagnostic techniques that can be used if the basic GES (which he calls the R-R interval study) does not work. There is much more that you can do besides eating baby food.

I like to share here the excerpt I have found about Gastroparesis and its treatment. I do not think that the outlook is that bad:

Symptoms of gastroparesis include nausea and vomiting, early satiety, post-prandial fullness, bloating and abdominal pain, but it is also frequently be asymptomatic. Patients with difficult metabolic control should be considered to have a disordered gastric emptying. Nuclear scintigraphy is the gold standard for quantifying delayed gastric emptying, but noninvasive methods, such as 13C-octanoic acid breath tests, exhibit a highly significant positive correlation to scintigraphy. The main goal of treatment is to minimize the symptoms and accelerate gastric emptying. The basic measures for achieving this are improved glucose control and low fat/low fibre diets that are easy to digest. The prokinetic agents metoclopramide, domperidone and erythromycin are successful in controlling symptoms in the majority of patients with gastroparesis due to diabetes. Patients with persistent symptoms or intermittent but severe symptoms may require surgical techniques such as the gastrostomy and jejunostomy. The significance of gastric pacing devices on gastric emptying and specific symptom controls have to be elucidated in further studies.


I would like to add that gastroparesis is a nerve damage. These nerve damages can be repaired to a certain extend. In Germany it is recommended to take alpha-liphotic acid to support this healing process.

thanks nel…im hangin in there : )

I had that study about 2 years ago - but I got some cold oatmeal. They had me eat it, and then lie down on the table going through the scanner for the full 3 hours. Boring as all get out (studying the ceiling) but the results made it worthwhile.It certainly explained why my BGs were out of control. Prior to the study, I’d been hearing for years from endocrinologists and GPs “you really have to do better with your glucose to avoid complications.” I’d been busting my fanny to do just that, but couldn’t get close at all. It was gratifying to be able to present scientific evidence to them that it was not my fault.

But this all led to a new problem. I am still struggling to get usable information from my GP, endo, gastroenterologist and a nutritionist. You see, gastroparesis requires balancing a good diet with insulin intake. When I ask each of them pointed questions, they cannot provide answers to my pointed questions. For example, the gastro doctor can’t say much about what foods will best contribute to predictable emptying that will not blast my BG through the roof or how long it will take the glucose to hit my bloodstream. How I’d love to get them all in the same room for an hour since they either lack info, or even worse, offer contradictory recommendations!!!

Hang in there - I hope you get some answers that will help you to lead a healthier and more normal life.

Gerri and Marps…yes that is what happened with the first test…how can it be correct when im on pills to speed up the food…pills to stop the back up of food…and loads and loads of laxatives and enemas that push everything thru right from head to toe…the doc just told me that if the next test comes out the same then it means I am thriving on a liquid pureed diet and thats how life will have to be…thats my peace of mind i guess…sorry too that we have to go thru this…its a nasty complication…mine is with all meals…when i was on regular food my sugars range from 6 to 28…when im on the l/p diet my sugars range from 6 to 15 with the odd one over that…so just a little tweaking with the basal…

yes that is what happened with the first test…how can it be correct when im on pills to speed up the food…pills to stop the back up of food…and loads and loads of laxatives and enemas that push everything thru right from head to toe…the doc just told me that if the next test comes out the same then it means I am thriving on a liquid pureed diet and thats how life will have to be…thats my peace of mind i guess…sorry too that we have to go thru this…its a nasty complication…