Getting coffee to go

I’ve learned my lesson. NEVER ask for artificial sweetener with your to-go coffee. My BG is 273 now because they put sugar in it. I realize that people make mistakes, but I made the mistake to trust someone else with my BG. From now on its “black, no sugar” and I keep my own supply of sweet-n-low.

No wonder! Pizza is horrible for me. One slice and I’m way over. I think they load the sauce with sugar too. Sometimes I’ll order the “white” pizza, eat the cheese and throw the rest out. I know food choices for diabetics today are much better than the previous generation of diabetics but sometimes it makes me want to scream!

I am positive that this has happened to me at least once. While traveling to Dallas, my husband and I stopped at a Burger King (I know, I know!). I love root beer, so I ordered a small DIET root beer. It tasted soooo good, I drank the whole thing, and bolused for my hamburger and the DIET root beer. 2 hours later, my BG was through the roof! I am somewhat high when traveling by car and sitting, but not ever that high. I suspected that the server thought, “Oh, I’m out of Diet root beer - I’ll just give them the REGULAR. They’ll never know the difference.” I think that is what happened. So, I always order water when eating out - YOU NEVER KNOW!