Getting Dexcom Sensor from Dexcom vs Walgreens

I have been using Dexcom sensors for about 15 months. I have always gotten my monthly supply from directly from Dexcom. Their customer service and delivery had been good up until 3 months ago. I am on Medicare.
Not sure if they have gotten too big or the fact that they outsource their customer service now but ordering and delivery is terrible.
January it took 18 days for my order.
I was thinking of getting my supplies from Walgreens. I believe I can get 3 months at a time? I get my Novolog for my pump from them and it takes about a week each time i call for a refill.
Anyone have any success stories from Walgreens?

No, I do not think that you will get 3 months of G6 supplies from Walgreens. The only supplier that I know of sending 90 day CGM supplies is US Med. They send 90 days of supplies but bill Medicare every 30 days as regulations require. I use Solara and for sure it is a PITA to deal with this every month.

It depends on your particular insurance plan but in general I can only get 1 month at a time from Walgreens. Others have plans where they can get 3 months. It depends not just on your insurance company but on your plan.

That said, I have a nearby Walgreens specialty pharmacy that my endo’s office works closely with and getting my sensors through there is totally easy and painless.

I have gotten a three month supply of pump and dexcom from Walgreens SPECIALTY pharmacy. The specialty pharmacies are difficult to track down. Someone kinda needs to tell you where they are, but they will ship to your local Walgreens. It is generally the cheaper option, compared to going through a durable medical supplier. This is the only one that I know of:

Perhaps they can tell you if there is one in your area, or ship to you.

Is the price per sensor less expensive for the 90 day supply from the Walgreen’s specialty pharmacy?

Here it is, that’s why my Doc switched me there…back when I had an awesome Doctor.

I used to get my Dexcom supplies from a specialty Walgreens and it was only 1-month each time for me. My work PPO insurance stopped covering CGM this way starting this year without notice, and I can only get CGM through a medical device supplier now. I’m still having trouble getting my first order, and I’ve been without Dexcom for a month and a half now.

Can you contact someone in your employer Benefits group? They usually have contacts at the insurance they can call, and help resolve. This is what I had to do years ago when my plan switched from pharmacy to DME.

I will do that. Thank you

I had similar issues, went to byram and had even more issues, then found this company called wellstart medical. they said they’re relatively new but they have been awesome so far. they do 90 day orders which i haven’t heard a lot of companies doing especially for medicare. here is their # 800-978-7599