Who on Medicare gets 90 days of Dexcom G6 from a supplier other than Dexcom?

And from which supplier? I want to switch from US HealthLink.


When I first got the G6 I had reached out to Dexcom who arranged for me to obtain it from a Walgreen’s pharmacy that was not near my home, I spoke with the pharmacy saying there must have been a mistake and they said no problem they will FedEx them at no cost. It works great, in fact my when health insurance and Rx coverage changed they told me I can now get 3 mos at a time.

(Knock on wood) have no issues. The pharmacy in is in NYC upper Manhattan.

I am getting G6 supplies from Solara and only get 30 days worth of supplies. It is such a PITA to deal with this every month.

In a Facebook group I am in, some Medicare recipients report getting a 90-day supply from US Med. Supposedly they deliver 90 days of supplies but bill Medicare monthly. According to the Dexcom website the phone number for US Med is 877-659-9875


I’ve been getting 90-day G6 supplies since early December on Medicare using US Medical. They are based in Miami. Dexcom referred me to them when I was just starting on the G5 because Dexcom couldn’t meet the increasing Medicare demand for supplies. US Medical is OK. I’ve thought about my local Walgreen’s but now, since we are all kind of stuck at home, getting G6 supplies mailed to me is great.

wellstart medical does 90 orders. 800-978-7599

30 day orders were such a pain for me too. byram would send 30 days. call at day 20 and it would take 17 days to ship. well how does that help? do you ever have a gap or you get the next month before day 30?