I'm a Pod user! (and soon to be a Dexcom Seven Plus user too)

I got my new OmniPod pump yesterday and am really enjoying it, despite having a few problems during the first 24 hours of use. This is my first time using a pump, and I sure don’t miss having to jab myself every time I need a shot. I’ve called support to ask questions and report the problems I have had, and I have to hand them huge, huge kudos - they are super friendly and helpful, making me glad I chose the OmniPod.

In the next week or two, I should be receiving my Dexcom
Seven Plus CGM. I have to admit that I am looking forward to this more than I did my pump as I have had hypoglycemia problems for the past month (or three or four, lol). I know that the next upgrade of the OmniPod will include the Dexcom Seven Plus integrated into the PDM, so I thought it best to go ahead and get the Dexcom and learn its ins and outs prior to the OmniPod upgrade (expected late 2010, early 2011).

you all have a blessed day - I’m off to wake up the kiddo and see if she wants to go eat breakfast at the Red Wagon, where I ate with my Nana and her friends when I was Paislee’s age. If my cousin Jimmy can behave, I may invite him and his girlfriend along as well… rofl

Any of you experienced OmniPod users or Dexcom Seven/Seven Plus users give me a shout out and leave some tips… I can use all I can get and will greatly appreciate your help! =)