Getting rid of my Omni Pod.!

I've been fighting with my distributor for so long now . They finally agreed
to let me return it.. WOW I guess I better get some syringes ect. I hope this is A good Idea I could use some input ???

Why didn't you like the omnipod? Can you get another pump instead? I've heard great things about medtronics and animas. Personally in the future when I'm able to get a pump I would like the animas pump. The waterproof feature is great and I'm accident prone. Also I love swimming and to be able to still have my pump on while swimming and not worry about having to reconnect in an hour is great.

I work on cars for A living and keep knocking them off. $75.00 each and one good
oops, my only good spot for it is on my belly, I also use Dexcom G4 and Love It.
Its on my belly for a week and 3 days rotation for the Omni Pod is A pain. Ive tried
thies arms back side everywhere has a different effect on absorption

Knocking off pods was a tough one for me too. Most situations were fine but I lost so many pods training that it was either give up the pods or give up training. Luckily, I found a workable solution using KT Tape, Opsite, and Matisol. It definitely adds a nominal cost to using pods and about 15 minutes to the change process, but I feel like it's worth it.

If it's just not worth it, it's just not worth it. Interestingly, I had the same issues with the Dexcom transmitter. The fact that I could keep one on for way past the 7 days was what really became the unworkable situation for me. The solution I found for my pod just wouldn't hold up for the Dexcom transmitter and I was spending way too much money out of pocket trying to keep both my Pod an my Dexcom secure. Unfortunately, for now, the Dex had to go.

how about another pump tho? one with tubing..or do you just wanna go back to MDI and forget about the pumping thing

I like the Pump esp.the Bolus calculator.. basal should be better then 1 or 2 shots of long acting insulin. there are A lot of frustrating parts of this issue for me - My insurance annual out of pocket I am looking forward to the new design Pods though, but why do new people get them and those of us who stick it out have to wait -Bad Insulet Co.-

I'm wondering about the Animas / Dexcom partnership.. if my new G4 cgm can control and display on my pump and I can just unplug when I feel like climbing under a dash or the like. I'd be a buyer then

Yeah, sounds like a winner in a lot of ways for you. Animas was high on my list when I was choosing pumps.

Best of luck with your treatment of choice!

When the vibe comes out your dexcom can just be paired with the pump so that it will display on he pump instead of the dexcom remote. I dunno when the vibe is coming out for the US but Canada is getting it in aug-oct hey are doing a semi roll out then full by October. So hopefully the FDA will get their behinds in gear and approve it for you all :slight_smile: also you can suspend on the animas pump. I believe it will alarm if suspended after one hour. Could work for you…

Tubing may become an issue if the pod is becoming a problem as well. Try using your upper thigh for a site. It's higher in adipose tissue like your belly and it will be more resilient instead of your arm. On a side note, Omni should be shipping the smaller pods very soon. I would give those a shot before switching!

Opsite/Tape is also a great idea