Getting rid of or reducing depression. Steps to getting motivated to exercise and live healthier:

1) Do not ever negotiate with yourself on exercise. That means set up a schedule like you do with your job and keep it. Whatever you do for a living, think about how often you negotiate just not going into work. That never happens and the same should go for exercise. Meaning: family time, personal hobbies, bad weather, a headache, tired, socializing and such all need to wait until you have done your exercise routine.

2) Start simple: Rome was not built in a day and if your expectations of yourself are too high then you will lose faith and stamina in your work out routine and give up. Walking, light jogging, lifting small weights, yoga, stretch bands and such are a great way to begin. That's pretty much what I do and my sugars and piece of mind are good.

3) Do something EVERY DAY. To avoid giving yourself a day off and slowing the engine work out with weights 3-4 days a week, cardio or yoga 2-3 days and 1 day to do heavy walking (an hour or more). You don't need to follow these suggestions its just something to ponder.

4) Do not minimize the impact of yoga. Its a powerful tool for the mind, spirit and body. More and more research is coming out at the wonderful impact that yoga has on our bodies.

5) You can go the personal trainer route but I am spending time getting myself into some better shape and trying to coordinate my pump/blood sugars before I hire a trainer.

6) Eat healthy......for the love of God, people put such little effort into it when in fact eating a healthy diet of vegetables, fruit, protein, whole grain and such gives you more energy and makes you feel better to allow you to exercise. Fast foods and things high in carbs and fat will only make you more lethargic, slower and dumber for that matter.

7) Get rid of caffeine completely. I gave up diet soda and coffee cold turkey and within 30 days had more energy. The cravings were a pain but got better week to week. Caffeine will dehydrate you and when you come down off of the charge, both of these things will take away your energy.

8) Vitamins: I recommend Vitamin D especially wth the cold weather and lack of sun. Vitamin D is a big cause of energy and lack of it can cause depression and tired feelings. Try to get out in the sun as much as you can as well. Combining exercise/yoga and the sun will make you feel like a new person.

9) Spend time with motivated people who enjoy exercise that you can either work out or compare notes with.

10) Change it up: I try to do different routines or when I am walking take different routes so that its not the same thing everyday.


Set goals. Make a 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 month and 6 month plan. I base mine around my A1C's first then set more personal/physical goals for my exercise and yoga routines.

Awesome post. I agree with everything here. I gave up caffeine and though it was hard ( bad headaches for a couple weeks) I don't regret it.

I also gave up drinking completely, and think that with the other goes a long way to helping me maintain my energy.

Josh: That's because you are the man.....

I won't lie, I love a good beer, and a cup of coffee, but I love my eyes more.

As long as you are doing something, I do not think there is any wrong answer to this. Everyone has their own limitations. I love Tai chi and think many more diabetics would be well served doing it. Chi has a wonderful effect on the nervous system.

Hey Judith, I hear there are also great yoga routines for folks with arthritis. Just a thought. Loved your reply.

Don't take the wrong, but I needed your kick in the pants. When I first started exercising, NOTHING got in the way, except my kids and they had to be sick. I did that for 6 years. Then I had to switch sites where I swam, and I started giving myself a get out of it free card....and haven't been back to the good routine since. Thanks for kicking my behind and giving me some great ideas!

Cathy/Judith I hope you will keep me/us updated as that will inspire everyone. Never Say Die......

An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day. ~ Henry David Thoreau