Getting Started...a couple of Questions

I got started on the t:slim on Friday with an internet training session with Deb. That went well, but while I was on the training call my FIRST EVER traditional infusion site gave me an occlusion. Within 5 minutes. In my (typically, at least for OmniPod and Dex) most soft, pillowy, unscarred, reliable spot the cannula of my t:set bent on insertion. Try 2, off the phone with Deb, head off to work with BG in range. Less and an hour, and I've got ANOTHER OCCLUSION ALARM! Of course I didn't bring anything to do a site change...naively optimistic I suppose. Before ripping out another new site, I check to see if there is any bleeding and the end of the tubing (the little thing that connects to my infusion site?) breaks! So I head home from work, call the CDE, discover another bent cannula and elevated BG, she arranges for some other sets (I guess the contact detach?) to be mailed ASAP because the steel sets won't kink.They should be here on Monday, in the meantime I've inserted another t:set into my love handle with (so far) great success.

So far, so good, though adjusting to a tubed pump after OmniPod/Shots is....interesting... and I am nervous about more occlusions with the t:sets. Though, it all could have been Friday the 13th playing tricks with me! We will see how I like it. I'm giving myself 2 weeks of continuous wear before I decide if I am going to keep it.


Can I fill the reservoir all the way and use it until its done, or will it expire after 3 days?

Has anyone had any trouble with the t:sets? the CDE who trained me hadn't seen many people use them, is there a reason for that? I'm decently lean but not without a little extra padding here and there...I'm also very active and in the water ALL. THE. TIME. so I need a set that moves with me and has a fairly durable adhesive... the t:set description sounded about right by the description, but I know there are a *lot* of choices out there, which is one of the reasons I switched to the t:slim in the first place.

And, finally, is there anything you wish someone had told you when you started the t:slim?

Hi! I’m a former Podder, as well. I’ve been using the t:slim for nearly a year. I love it sooo much that I requested brochures to carry in my purse!

There are several infusion sets out there; and some will send you samples to try. I use insets by Animas. They really stick well. The insertion device is, at first, a little awkward.

Unlike the OmniPod that shut down after three days a some hours…you can totally fill the cartridge and wear it til it reads “0”. I know of at least one person who got 8 days use.

Although it hasn’t been a problem for me…it only does a reverse correction if your BG is below 70. Just key in 69 and continue.

Good luck and enjoy the journey!

How was the adjustment from a "tubeless" to a tubed pump? So far so good for me, I've slept a LOT better not laying on a pod, but I am kind of baffled by being naked/ without pockets....I presently just stand there looking slightly baffled, holding the pump in my hands ;)

Tandem is sending me a "good faith" box of the detach sets... we will see if those work for me!

Thanks for the tips!

LOL. The first time I was totally naked and hooked was a hoot! What do I do with this? Now, I usually stand next to a dresser until I can, at least, tuck it into a bra. I had no problem sleeping with the pod. I wore it in the curve between my butt and back.

Check Vera Bradley’s clip zip I’d cases and lanyards. The t:slim actually fits nicely into the place for your ID.


I am also a former podder and do not miss it a bit. The pod failures were out of control.

The reverse correction thing was a surprise to me. I called Tandem to make sure I was not missing anything. The rep told me this is a common complaint that might be addressed in a firmware update.


I'm getting the idea as time goes on that there is a lot of variation in what kind of sets work for people. The sets that Janice uses, for example, Insets, have NEVER once worked for me. Every single time I tried to use one it either kinked and I couldn't see it, or it pulled out after a day or so. (This is actually why when I was choosing a new pump I decided not to go with the Pods. I was sacred this kind of thing would happen there).
I use the Comfort Short sets, which are a manual insertion. They are supposed to work better on thin people, but let me tell you, I am NOT THIN! I love them, however.


TSlim is my first pump after almost 30 years of Type 1, so my advice is minimal.

I use the cleo, because they said a lot of people like those, and I have been happy with them so far. I haven't tried anything else

After I read this post yesterday, I decided to fill my reservoir and I will try to keep it going for a week. I will post my results on this thread.

One thing to consider is the longer insulin is exposed to heat, the less potent it gets. You will have to pay attention and decide if you think it is losing potency as you go past 3 days. Just turn off the alarm when it sounds, and it will keep working. I wouldn't try to extend the canulas, though.

Thanks for all the advice, guys!
Right now I'm keeping the pump in my bra, which is pretty comfy. I think I'm going to sew some pull-through slits into my hoodies & sweaters for winter/class so I don't have to reach my hand down my shirt to bolus!
For now I am using the Contact Detach sets. I don't really like them (I feel like an experiment...not great for hot-tubbing, swimming, etc. and also pretty easy to rip out) but they are SUPER reliable and easy to insert. I'm requesting a sample of the Orbit Micro since it, too, has the steel needle that I have come to like and a luer lock to boot!
Have any of you tried them?
Thanks again!

MaiaJane, For my two cents, I never EVER recommend non-steel sets. E.V.E.R. Sadly the best set on the market (the bent needle) in my opinion has been discontinued by both Medtronic and Animas.

MaiaJane, Sluggo, Janice, Leata

I was diagnosed T1 five years ago and finally decided it is time to start pumping. I’m waffling back and forth between t:slim and OmniPod. What made you guys/gals make the change from the pod? I like the t:slim but I’m very active in the gym and on the lake so I’m concerned the tubing might be an issue for me. I wore a non functioning demo pod today and most of the time I forgot it was there, but while sitting around the house tonight I noticed it was detaching from my skin so I removed it.

I am also going with the Dexcom G4 sensor and I really want to make the right decision on a pump the first time so your insight is greatly appreciated. Also, what would be the result of detaching the t:slim for an hour or two while in the gym?

After a very impressive run with the OmniPod system, these are the issues that developed:

Sticking keys on the PDM

Low contrast screen. Always a problem

Severe allergic reaction to the adhesive!

Problems with pods staying on. It’s not like you could change infusion sets

An issue to consider is that there is NO way to control your OmniPod if you leave

your PDM behind!!!

The tubing has not been an issue with me. Being female, I often have it tucked into my bra. There are some “bands” that are used to wear the pump. These could be worn under your clothing. Even when I wear my pump clipped to a belt loop, most of the tubing is under my clothing. I’ve never caught my tubing on anything yet! I’ve had the t:slim for just over a year now. I love it so much that I requested business cards and brochures to handout to interested current pumpers or those considering a pump. The colorful touchscreen is awesome. I certainly do NOT miss the constant scrolling for input. It even has a calculator that the pump can use to take your total carbs right from the screen and factor into your insulin delivery. You can set the pump to deliver insulin based upon a set amount of carbs (you just activate then press the “on button”).

As far as detaching while working out…many do exactly that.

Congrats on choosing to go with the Dexcom. It will provide you very useful information that help tweet your numbers.

This is a great! Also check out the t:holster

Thanks for the great info. If I detach the pump I assume I could do this at the lure lock connection. Once reconnected is there a “priming” process or chance of air bubbles in the tube?

You detach at the infusion site. No need to prime again.

Never ever "prime" a pump when it is attached to your body. I remember this occurring with a young girl whose father repeatedly made this mistake and almost killed her. It is a good idea to give about .25 BEFORE you reconnect, to make sure you see insulin coming out of the tubing. Sometimes when the sets are disconnected the insulin "draws back" a bit. Conversely, if the pump has been sitting for awhile, extra insulin can wick onto and around the tubing. If you are very sensitive to insulin, it is a good idea to dry this area first, and then give the .25 BEFORE reconnecting. This will avoid getting any unintended insulin.

Years ago it was said that the ponytail and tubing should only be connected and reconnected three times. I doubt this is still a recommendation, but air does seem to fill the connection chamber during the process of reconnecting. The best way to handle this is to wait until you need to bolus insulin, and flick the chamber GENTLY with you finger one time after delivery begins. This usually dislodges the bubbles and gets them through the ponytail. Also note, many times the bubbles just stay in the chamber and do not effect insulin delivery. The impact is usually greatest in persons who use very little insulin, because if the bubbles move down through the tubing, a person on 0.5 units, could miss an hour or two of basal insulin once the air gets to the end of the ponytail and is exiting through the catheter or needle.

Janice, why did you switch from Omnipod? I'm considering the switch but I hate the idea of tubing

Steve, why t:slim? I'm also on Omnipod and having problems. My doctor wants me to go with Medtronic; says Tandem is too new (he's seen 14 pump companies fail) and they have ignored him since we don't live in the most populous part of the state.

Janice, can it fit well in your bra if you have a small build/bust? That is my concern.

The t:slim is approximately 13 credit cards thick and a little less in length. You could put a rubber band around that many cards and get an idea. By the way…I don’t have that many credit cards. Library card, Petco, insurance, etc.

I had a few runs of bad pods.
Sticking keys
I found the screen difficult to see
I hated the scrolling to enter numbers (the case with most other pumps)
I left the PDM behind a few times! User error, of course; but VERY frustrating!
PDM shutting down for no apparent reason
Allergic reaction to adhesive!!!