Getting Trained on Wednesday

I get trained at my doctor's office this Wednesday. I am very excited. The trainer said I might have to run my basal rates a little lower on the pod versus a tubed pump because tubed pumps have to fight gravity. Have any of you that have gone from a traditional pump to a pod find this to be true?

My first pump was the Omnipod and have been using it since 2010. You're going to LOVE IT. Advice, always have extra pods on you, especially when you travel. You never know when one or 2 will go bad on you. Sometimes it won't happen for a month and sometimes it will happen twice in the same day. I surf and workout a lot, I wear it on the side of my butt cheek most of the time. Good luck.

I went from medtronic to omnipod and was never told that. The omnipod nurse/trainer switched over my basal rates and told me to keep up the good work and that was it. But then again another omnipod nurse just told me to calibrate my pump using control solution from the test strips...not true! Verified with abbott company who makes our test strips.