I'm 44 years old and have advanced glaucoma.

Have to go and have the trab operation pretty soon. Anyone else here dealing with this and can say what the operation and recovery is like?

Thanks Carol, yeah i have been on drops for about 9 years and many laser surgeries, but just not working anymore. And i have a double-whammy as I am allergic to the more effective eyedrops :frowning:
So i’ve really run out of options - have the operation or lose my sight. It’s a little depressing but i’ve got faith in the guy doing it, he has a good success rate with the procedure he uses these days. It’s just I hear the recovery can take quite a bit of follow up.

ALAN CREED, As a 93 clinically dead diabetic with a BG of 880, a double survivor with diabetes and cancer, a senior partner with a website, a ROLE MODEL to at least 45.000, a computer rookie with over 300 friends on the website , my advice to you is talk to GOD and ask for guidance and if you beleive in HIM sincerely, you will come through with flying colours.Have faith in your best team available. LET GO LET GOD.When I hear from you again I know you wll have good news, I will be praying for your success. AMIGO says IF YOU SEE SOMEONE WITHOUT A SMILE, PERFORM A MIRACLE, GIVE THEM ONE OF YOURS

Thanks for your words Clarence :wink: