Glimepiride/amaryl Does anyone have experience taking this medication with Met?

My Doctor wants me to take Glimepiride along with my Metformin. I'm scared to take it because of the side effects (no long exposure to the kids play a lot sports...I'm in the sun all the time; the neuropathy side effects...I'm afraid the tingling in my fingers will become permanent.) My fasting blood sugar, after a week of low carbs and 500 mg 2 times a day of Met, is still in the 230s. I'm also walking 20 to 30 minutes each day. I have not taken the Glimepiride at all yet, mostly because I'm afraid to.

I took Amaryl with Metformin with no ill effects, but we're all different. You can always stop it if you have problems.

Just a question: Have you been tested to make sure you are in fact, Type 2, not type 1? Some questions to consider would be: Are you overweight? Do you have another autoimmune disorder such as thyroid?

Well you have to do something about your blood sugars. I am surprised your Doc did not try the maximum dose of Metformin, which is 2000mg/day before moving on to other drugs. Metformin has been used a long time and is considered very safe, all the others have various problems associated with their use. If the drugs turn out to be totally ineffective I would suggest getting some antibody tests done to make sure you are not LADA