Glucagon at school

I have have had my son attend the same school since his diagnonsis. He is attending private Kindergarten, due to me being neurotic and wanting him to have special attention for a while. I trained his teacher, the owner of the school on how to test him and adminster his insulin through his pump. She has been spectacular. I gave her a glucagon kit along with information on how and where to give the shot if it was ever needed. She was told that it was illegal for her to have this at her school or to administer this kit unless she took a 3 hour training from a RN. I was not given a 3 hour training and find this ridiculous… I am trying to get her the information she needs so that we are both covered. any ideas??

BTW, your son is beautiful!

As for dealing with a private school, I don’t know what the laws are since they’re not under federal mandate (is mandate the right word?). Anyway, maybe ask someone from the local JDRF branch about what they know about glucagon and what is allowed by someone from a private school administering it. Maybe there is a release form or permission form she can sign saying that you give her the right to use it.

This is all guessing on my part. I would search for info going that route if I were in your shoes.

Hi Janet,

I did the same thing you have done. Sam was almost done his first year of preschool when he was diagnosed at age 3. He is still at the same school, now 5 and in senior kindergarten. We are paying lots for it, but it’s worth it for the piece of mind. His teacher is also the owner/director of the school and has been great. I did have the diabetes team come into the school to give his teachers the training they needed.
I have friends and family who think it is stupid of us to be spending all our money on private school, since we already have medical expenses that aren’t covered, and two crappy cars! I even had one “friend” tell me I could have a home theatre system like hers if I would just put Sam in a free school! Different priorities, i guess :slight_smile: