Glucose readings in car

I accidentally asked Siri on my iPhone to show my glucose on my phone while driving. It instead showed up on my cars info screen and it stayed there the whole trip

It was a nice accident. So I don’t need to fumble with my pump or phone while I’m driving around.

I have apple play on my 21 Chevy equinox.



I’ve heard about that but have no idea how to enable that feature. Anyone know the steps?

I paired my phone with the apple play system thsts in most new cars now. I already installed the glucose ap on my iPhone so I can ask it what’s my glucose.

While it is connected to the car, I just ask what’s my glucose and it appears on my screen and also announces it. Then it stays on unless I switch to something g else.
It only comes up if I ask for it I can’t actually find the app in the list.

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