and Dexcom import

As some of you know I am the founder and main developer of the free Glucosurfer project. With the help of one member of this great community we have developed an import filter for the Dexcom 7 device. The Dexcom software can export all data as an XML file. After uploading your file on the Glucosurfer site your data will be processed and imported. If the processing is done the diary can be completed with additional data of pumps. So far we support Medtronic CSV files (via CareLink) and AccuCheck XML files (via SmartPix). The basic idea is not to replace the great analysis tools that are offered by the manufacturers but rather to use the Glucosurfer as an additional source of information that can be shared with the TuDiabetes community in times of crisis or simply to optimize pump settings.

To give you an example of how the Dexcom data will be presented in the Glucosurfer you can use the following link. It is the real life data of one member of the community with impressive control (your feedback is appreciated). Please switch between the different diagrams to see the potential of the Glucosurfer analysis:

If you are using different Dexcom models or other pump devices we would be very pleased if you could share an excerpt of your data with us. This excerpt in form of an XML or CSV file will help us to develop additional import filters. You can do this in two ways:

  1. anonymously > just create an account on the Glucosurfer site. Then switch to Diary and select Upload. We will take a look at all files that the system was unable to process.

  2. mail > you can send me an email to

Best regards,