Export functionality of OmniPod software

Being the elected Tu Geek of TuDiabetes I am looking for ways to improve my Glucosurfer project. For pumpers the main benefit to use the Glucosurfer is not the functionality to manage a diary with a mobile phone (some do that). Most pumpers view their pump as their diary and I think this is very true. Instead the benefit is to upload your pump data there and to invite people to evaluate the situation in times of crisis. The mutual help here at TuDiabetes makes it very likely that a solution can be found. The link to the diary can be very easily embedded into our discussions. For example the following link will lead you to my diary (I am on MDI): http://www.glucosurfer.org/goto?diagram&language=en&user=278&share=3788281

We have already implemented the import of Medtronic and AccuCheck files. We would like to import data files of the OmniPod too. So far the OmniPod is not available in Germany so I have these questions for you:

  • can the management software of the OmniPod be used to save the collected data to a file (export functionality)?

  • does the software offer different formats to export the data and if so which format is supported (CSV or XML)?

  • if all of the above is possible: who would like to donate an extract of his or her data? You can open these files with notepad and check the content before you donate it. This way you can remove any personal data that might have been written to the file by the management software. If someone is willing to help me then please write a comment or become a friend on my page.

I’m willing to donate my data, but as for answering the first questions, I am not techy enough to know :slight_smile: Let me know if it’s possible and my data could be utilized. And thanks for working on this!

That was quick, thanks! The pump software I have seen so far burried the export functionality somewhere in the menus…

It exports to an XML file. I did an import, and the format is a bit of a pain, but it works. Looks like the export is the same format.

There’s technical documentation you can download on it here.

That is great. Thank you very much. After some diagonal reading I start to feel the pain…

Omnipod uses Abbott Labs CoPilot software. You can download the software free here if you want to start looking at it:

Insulet has built a plugin for coPilot that allows it to see and upload the data from the omni pod but the data output from coPilot should be the same for the omnipod as any of their freestyle meters.

CoPilot exports to tab delimited as well as XML. I have an accounting background, so I use tab delimited which I can open with Excel.

Abbott has an Import Export Guide in PDF format which you will want to download. Several fields hold coded data and the guide tells you what the values mean. For example in the TIMESLOT filed 0=Pre-Breakfast and 6=Bed Time. There are also numeric, date and character fields. The EVENTTYPE field dictates what goes in the other fields.

I am not positive, but the plugin may add additional values, perhaps for EVENTTYPEs for example.


I have read the PDF now. Both formats are very similar and I think we will support the XML version.

I can not download the CoPilot software without a valid serial number. Can you give me a short description of the steps necessary to export your data to XML (menus, etc)?

From the documentation:

To export data:

  1. Click Reports on the menu bar; then select Diary List.

  2. Adjust the date to include the data you want to export.

  3. Click Export from the File menu on the Home page. A file browser will open. Browse to the directory where the file is to be saved.

  4. Select the file type (*.tab or *.xml) in the Save as type field.

  5. Enter the name of the file in the File name field. Click Save.

The only confusing bit is that you have to be in the diary mode or the option to export doesn’t even show up on the File menu.

I can send my data, Holger. Let me look into it a bit and I’ll get back to you. I’m not sure what all I can do on CoPilot.

I downloaded the CoPilot software in July 2009 after I decided to use OmniPod before I got my PDM. I think I only selected “Other” as the type of meter I was using. I don’t remember if I had to put in the serial number of my old meter. I entered all my information manually into CoPilot until I got my OmniPod in September. It was a drag because there was so much data entry, but I got to see how the reports looked and I also played with both the output and input features.


With Bradford’s help I managed to download the CoPilot software. This will allow me to create some test cases for rare data. I can understand what you mean with “drag”. The CoPilot’s concept is one row for one type of data - not very clearly arranged in my view. But what ever the input concept may be - entering it all manually at the end of the day did not work for me. Thus being online with my mobile phone is a much better solution for a PENer like me.

It is actually worse than you think. I get one row for meal bolus and a second row for correction bolus even though it is one combined bolus. Let me know if you want some of my whacky data.

Brad (Bradley)

Hurray, I am proud to announce that the first import filter for OmniPod data is now working. You just have to upload the XML files of the Abbott CoPilot on the Glucosurfer page. Many thanks to Bradford and Bradley for donating their data and to Barbra for pointing me to the documentation.

There is still room for improvements. Right now the pump profile can not be imported automatically. You have to set the profile manually on the settings page (CSII current). Please let me know if you have questions or experience any problems.