and Animas import

Being the elected Tu Geek of TuDiabetes I am proud to announce that our Glucosurfer project can now import Animas data files. These files can be exported with the Animas management software (typical ending .ezd).

For pumpers the main benefit to use the
Glucosurfer is not the functionality to manage a diary via web or mobile phone. Most pumpers view their pump as their main diary and I think this is very true. Instead the benefit for pumpers is to upload the pump data there and to invite people to evaluate the situation in times of crisis. The mutual help here at TuDiabetes makes it very likely that a solution can be found. The link to the diary can be very easily embedded into your discussions. For example the following link will lead you to my personal diary (you can switch between the diagrams and drag them with your mouse):…

Please contact me if you have any questions, ideas or recommendations.

Holger and the team of

Thanks for this. I wish someone could incorporate a way we could import the diary/readings of Dexcom CGMS. I use this as my diary for glucose and wish it could be used in this application that we could track and have other people analyze online and also be able to log in and look on a mobile phone.

The Glucosurfer can slipstream Animas and Dexcom data into one diary. So it is already possible.

But I think you would like to transform the Dexcom file into an EZD file that can be imported into the Animas manager. Actually this can be done with a piece of software. Both files are XML files and the transformation should be possible.

Could you do me a favour and ask the Animas team for an important information? I could do the transformation but I think that CGMS data should be marked as CGMS data. Otherwise I fear the reports of the Animas software are messed up by the huge amount of data. The following section shows how one blood glucose value is represented in the EZD file:

<BG Type=“4”>126</BG>
<REC_DATE Type=“91”>2010-02-02</REC_DATE>
<REC_TIME Type=“92”>22:29:00</REC_TIME>
<IGNORE Type=“5”>0</IGNORE>
<SOURCE Type=“5”>2</SOURCE>

Interesting is the <SOURCE>2</SOURCE> which shows where the blood glucose value is coming from. I think for a meter the value 2 is used. But what number is used for a CGMS? Maybe 3?

This is a question only the IT folks at Animas can answer.