Gluten Free and T2....ANYONE? EXPERIENCES?

I'm wondering how many of us are out there - gluten free with T2. Are you diagnosed with Celiac? After going GF.....Was there any changes in your lipid panel? Glucose tolerance? Anything???

I am T2 (neg. for T1 antibodies) neg for Celiac antibodies but going gluten free has improved my glucose tolerance. Also... TSH lowered, Cardio CRP lowered, psoriasis improved and my LDL has lowered from mid 120's to low 90's. Nothing major but there is nothing else I can account this to. I do know I am DQB1*0302 (DQ8) which has been connected to Celiac and T1. BUT I am not T1 as stated. I suspect there are more people like me who are DQ8 & T2 who don't show much insulin resistance (if any) and found that going GF has helped (with or without knowledge of your DQ's since most people don't know them)

Anyone else out there in the deep blue sea of the net????

I have LADA and am gluten free due to multiple food allergies. I believe my food sensitivities caused inflammation which was a major contributor to my autoimmune conditions. I have hypothyroid, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and LADA. I also had high blood pressure due to inflammation. I am very skinny and exercise regularly so was confused by my high blood pressure. Since cutting out wheat, corn, and many other foods, about a year ago, my blood pressure is in the low normal range without any meds, and my arthritis is almost non-existent. I have been slowly and carefully adding back some foods, but believe that wheat is the main culprit so will stay clear of it forever.

Libby -
HELLO :slight_smile: I’m glad you replied. I had noticed a post of yours from quite a while ago. I lack the antibodies but have very many things in common with you except everything with me in on the ‘light side’. Cutting out gluten was the best thing I’ve EVER done. I really suspect there is something to this for certain persons. I strongly suspect it broke down my system to the point an infection was able to enter and well, there went my glucose too.
We can’t be just two people in a sea of many. There has got to be more…I don’t think this is uncommon.
Thanks for your reply.

What do you mean about being on the ‘light side’? I wonder if you are saying that you are just on the verge of problems. If so, that is the same with me. Except for my thyroid, which is firmly out of whack, my numbers are just on the edge of abnormal, or in some cases, still normal. For instance, my islet cell antibodies were 5 at diagnosis which is the cut off for positive. Recently, I had the test again and now they are under 5 so I would not be diagnosed today with diabetes. I am convinced that wheat is the main culprit because I had a beer the other night and developed quite a lot of joint pain.

Stuff like TSH has lowered back into the normal range after going gluten free. I don’t show antibodies for LADA / T1. I only had TSI’s around 100 (125+ is Graves). No other antibody has every shown up on me. GAD65 was .2 Not even for Hashi’s even with my thyroid looking bad.
That’s why I say on the ‘light side’. My main problem now is I spike easily upon eating. FBS is mid 80’s.
I emailed a researcher (apparently? his group coined LADA or found…however you want to say it). His only answer - and I was shocked to get an answer. He stated I only have a diabetic glucose tolerance and everything else is fine. Ya, but…going gluten free helped me and got that inflammation down - on all counts. He had a term MIN diabetes for T2 without antibodies showing the same fault (lack of insulin not really IR) as their first degree family. Here is that paper
I don’t have anyone with T1 in my family and T2 isn’t strong either. But I fit that pattern and excluding gluten has helped so much. I suspect I am not alone.
That’s why I say ‘on the light side’

PS…I have been told after going gluten free and if you go back on it the reaction will be worse…I suspect that is what happened with the beer. There is GF beer now :slight_smile:

I am not celialic but decided to give up all breads and grain products about 7 months ago. I found my average bgs dropped about 30-40 points. I am no longer getting big bg spikes and see most bgs within a 20 point range. I have been experimenting cooking with flaxseed meal and almond flour to make muffins, cookies and lots of baked goods. I don’t even miss the wheat. I do think it causes inflammation that may affect bgs.