Goals for my vision

So, yesterday, I wrote my vision statement. A BOLD and very grand statement of where I want to be. Actually, I will say, it is also how I want to look back at my life when I am at its end... but how can I, will I even begin to achieve this?

I am starting with goals.

Just for the first part of the vision: testing

1. I will test every morning when I wake up

2. I will test before each meal I each, and before any snacks.

3. I will test every evening before bed

4. I will test 3 hours after each meal

5. I will test when my meter beeps for me to test following a correction or food bolus

Wow, this seems like alot, but actually, it is not, it is what I should be doing.

Ok, here I go... testing.

8:45AM: 62 - and 15CHO juice (not exactly when I woke up, but it is a start)

Oh, and one BIG NOTE: I will test and NOT let Sales get in my way. SCREW you SALES. GO BULLY SOMEONE else today, I am testing and trying to take care of me, my life and manage my diabetes. No one is going to die today in Sales. P- off.

Thank you and see you tomorrow everyone! :)

Hi - Felidia- Glad to see you are starting with goals. #'s 1,2and 3 are good, but # 4 should be 2 hours after meals. # 5 - I am not familiar with a meter that beeps after a correction or food bolus. But maybe you have a newer meter than me.These goals are what most of us here at TuD do to keep healthy.

great Felidia. before you know it, it won't seem like a bother. also, I think with the frequent testing checking of your bgs like this, it will take away some of the feeling that each time is like getting a "grade" on how good a person you are. it's just a number that helps give you information.

Maria - I agree, I hate feeling like I am being graded, and I know it is myself that is doing the grading, but still, it hurts.

Catlover - Thanks for your comments, but I am going to follow what my Dr's have recommended in terms of time to test following food bolus'. I go to the Joslin, and my Dr. recommends this for me. I trust him and I don't want to start having false readings just after 2 hours as the insulin I take really needs that 3 hour window. If things change, I will try your suggestion, thanks!