My vision to manage my diabetes

This idea was given to me courtesy of a fellow member who read my first discussion.

Please provide feedback as this is my first ever d-related vision statement.

I will be testing; tracking; taking bolts doses for food I eat and when I eat it; correcting for highs without feeling guilty; correcting for lows without being scared, anxious or over-correcting; looking forward to a life with family and friends, and not always worrying, second-guessing, or putting myself down.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks :wink:

Sounds like you have the right idea on how to live a successful D life. Let us know how it goes.

That is a great and achievable vision! Of course not all of it will happen at once so now for the next exercise, break it down in steps :)
How about a really small one I will test my sugars every morning when I wake up for a whole week?

Hi Felidia,
That's an excellent vision !! I especially like that you included not feeling guilty, being with your family, and not putting yourself down. It is a great balance of diabetes management 'actions', and also living a good life (despite your diabetes !).

Sometimes folks get stuck on achieving certain numbers, but I like your ideas of just including the tasks. When I did that, the numbers (BG and A1C) pretty much just guided me and acted like a 'pat on the back' when I found the right combinations. I used to avoid testing 2 hours after a meal because I didn't want to see high numbers. But then I learned it was the best way to determine if I needed adjustments to my choice of food and/or dosage of insulin, or simply waiting longer between insulin and eating.

Now... JUST DO IT.

Thanks everyone for your comments and support! :)

I think your control will be better and you will feel better. Good Luck and keep us posted.