God's blessings

I am a bit emotional today because of what I learned… a friend of mine (she’s my best friend actually, I even treated her as my sister) has been telling stories behind my back… a very bad one… I got very affected that my blood sugar shoot up to 251, I was shaking and very nervous… its the highest I’ve been since I was diagnosed, I want to cry but I can’t… I am so angry… drink a lot of water and tried to calm myself, that happened on the 17th of Feb, a day before my birthday…

Despite the turmoils, I still have lots to thank the Lord, the blessings… 10 days before my birthday (actually it was also my father’s 11th death anniversary), I joined this job fair and fortunately I was immediately hired as a customer service representative agent… It’s a permanent job, I’ve been waiting for this to come.

Everything changes since I started working, I am now trying to go to sleep very early because I have to got up as early as 4:30am in order to arrive at work before 7, I didn’t tell my superiors that I got diabetes (because last December when I tried to apply they rejected me because of this disease) but some of my co-workers already knew about it, and they are very supportive, thanks God because my blood sugar is always stable while at work and it’s a good thing that my shift is in the morning, usually Filipino (philippine) agents usually works at night but God is good that I have morning shift.

congratulations on the new job!

Thank you :slight_smile: