Feeling blessed

I just wanted to give everyone an update on how my busy life is doing and share how blessed I feel. My blood sugars are doing better then they have in awhile, I am signed up for my first semester of college starting this fall, and work is going pretty good :slight_smile: As always I have a great family and friends and never want to forget to thank my great and mighty God for all the blessings he gives me and for always keeping me safe helping me through the tough times. Wish me luck as I begin college this fall! I will still be working and will be doing some in class and some online things so I know I will be very busy!

Love to all my friends, Leanna

I am so glad you feel blessed! I feel blessed for you! Good luck in college, never give up! God bless.

Thanks! Understand that my life is not perfect, Iā€™m just counting all my blessings!

God is wonderful. I am so glad you can feel his blessings. Best of luck to you in your colllege endeavor.