Going apeshit

Hey, @mohe0001, find out which of these cloud data share points your provider uses:
Glooko+Diasend, sometimes just called by one of the two names. They merged/bought.
Medtronic - i have forgotten the name

So you have four publicly accessible repositories of transfer capable clouds.

Tell us what works for you.

1 of the 6 times I called them, they claimed to be able to use Tidepool. They accepted the invite, so they have access if they want it.

This is all gonna snowball into me getting arrested for a suspended license. I’ve been through this enough to see it coming.

The DMV system for diabetic drivers licensing is supposed to be operational in November (but, they have been telling me that for 4 years. It won’t be). The form must be submitted by Jan. There is NO chance they can sign a form and put it into the DMV computer system within 3 months. I should have started months ago. Of course, the catch-22 is that if you submit the form early, they throw it in the garbage. It takes 6 months to get an endo apt, so that can’t happen.

I need to heavily document this process. Everything is going certified mail. I’m not dropping anything off in person, waiting in a covid nest for 2 hours, and then walking them through their business process. They are just going to need to stand on their own two legs. If they ■■■■ with me, I’m going to sue them. I’ve had it. No lawyer in town knows anything about this, so I will have to represent myself. If I can just get a lawyer to file the paperwork, I’ll be in good shape.

You know I got so frustrated that I applied to work for them? I would have done anything to fix this biz process. I would have worked for free. They said I didn’t have enough experience. There is NO living human who knows as much about their biz process and all the ways it fails and all the ways to exploit it so it succeeds. I know because my survival demands that I know.

If one more county prosecutor or DPS employee tells me that I, “Need to take responsibility for my own inability to submit the form,” I will leap over the desk and tear them limb from limb. They are gonna send me to jail, anyway…over paperwork.

@mohe0001, What is all this blarney about DMV & diabetic drivers? I have diabetic contacts through out the Southeastern US and never heard of such. Please share.

May be reason to initiate a educational effort so politicians learn closely monitored diabetics are as safe as diabetic pilots. FAA licenses pilots with CGMs & pumps.

Keep us informed.

@mohe0001 has been dealing with a broken system in Minnesota since she first got her drivers license as a teenager when her mom put down on the form that she was a diabetic (big mistake). The DMV system in her state seems to be completely broken in regards to diabetic drivers to the extent that there has been attempted legislation to correct it but so far still messed up.

The law is written so that diabetics have to prove to the DMV that they are safe to drive every year and a simple note from your Dr. is not good enough. They require documentation that you do not experience severe lows and want information that should not be allowed under HIPPA laws.

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I’ve calmed down. My brother was driving around for 6 months without tabs and he said there was no problem. I suspect that the police have just stopped enforcing most things. They’re just happy we all have license plates again. The police are far too busy to enforce traffic violations…far too busy.

They rebuilt much of the system to operate remotely, so that people don’t show up at the DMV. There’s gonna be issues, but everybody prob understands that.

Covid is the great equalizer in that, now, instead of me being afraid that they will put me into jail and I will get sick there, THEY are afraid that THEY will get sick from putting me into jail. Covid is not all bad. Its the same with how they are allowing diabetics to use their tech in the hospital. Its not to protect us, its so they don’t have to have much contact with us. Its about protecting them. It just coincidentally protects us, too. Lucky break.

An official who I spoke with recently mentioned the idea of making a new, seperate procedure to ‘manage’ people with insulin pumps at the DMV. But, I believe that she was making a subtle threat to bring me to heel. That’s not gonna happen.

I also spoke to a dev out in denver who said that the company who is currently building the software forces all the devs to live in the same Chinese labor camp (like Google). They are only allowed to hang out with one another and spend all their free time with one another and participate in company organized social activities…together. That makes information gathering harder. But, MN has lots of people in CO. Word spreads. I’m gathering intelligence.

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