Going Slow

I am training for a half marathon in October and have a question.

The majority of my training has been on a treadmill. I am up to 7 miles. I am told that I need to work on my speed. I am perfectly happy running at 4.4 - 4.5 mph. Is that wrong? What is the benefit of going faster?

Any advice would be helpful.

The only reason to go faster is, frankly, to go faster. If you intend to go around 4.5 MPH in the half-marathon, then what you're doing is fine.

Hope that helps!

(also - what Jerry said below!:))

Why is someone telling you to go faster?
I say it is all up to you. If there's a time you want to get, or someone faster you want to run with, then maybe you want to work on your speed. If you want to enjoy a leisurely run, rather than a race, you don't have to try to get faster.
And you don't really have to pick going either fast or slow. If you don't want to work on speed now, you may change your mind and try it later.
There is actually a popular book on running, "No Need for Speed."
There is a dimension of the running experience that involves pushing yourself to make improvements in strength, endurance, and speed, and competing with others. I have found it enjoyable.
But there is a lot to enjoy without trying to go fast.

Thanks Med. It did help!

I think that some people at the gym just think everyone should race. I ran a 5K and now I just want to complete a 1/2. Maybe later I will work on speed. Right now I am trying to enjoy the run and not overwhelm myself. Thank you for the info. I just ordered the book off Amazon and I can't wait to get it and read it. Thank you for the advice and suggestion Jerry.

Another reason to go slow at this point is to simply enjoy your first half...take in the people and the scenery! If you enjoy the race and want to go faster in a second race, then go for it! Hopefully it's a lifestyle not just an event. Good luck!

That is what my thoughts were exactly! I am trying to make this a lifestyle and want to enjoy the experience. Thanks for the help.